The surroundings of the Rychleby trails

Even though we were on the Rychleby trails for the third time, I still had a place to go without seeing the same places as during the previous visits.

Podhradský pond in Černá Voda

From the base of the Rychleby Trails in Černá Voda, I went to Pohradský pond, which is surrounded by reeds and is certainly not suitable for bathing.

Ruins of Kaltenštejn Castle

I continued along the green and partially red tourist sign to the hill Hradisko (437 m above sea level) to the castle ruins of Kaltenštejn, where I was last but I liked it so I did not miss it.

Mariin Spring and Stone Waves

After a red hiking trail leading uphill, which incidentally leads the Rychleby trail, I passed a spring and stone waves around various stone walls and small water areas.

These are, according to, a debris from the bottom, but I have never been able to confirm this information anywhere. However, I must say that this was the most interesting place I’ve seen on today’s trip.

Just behind the stone valleys, the road was covered with felled trees, so I swung to the clearing. I lost a red mark on it, so I walked up the hill after a slightly cracked clearing but I never found a mark. From the map I found out that a clear path should lead over the clearing, which leads me to the signpost called Pod Sokolím where I was supposed to follow the red mark.

Marian Waterfalls

When I go somewhere, I want to see everything I meet. That’s why I decided to get off the road to Marian Waterfalls. Through the woods and the overflowing of the felled trees, I finally reached the stream with a waterfall. Even though I love water, the view of this waterfall is certainly not worth the effort.

Sokolí vrch

In the same spirit was also the visit to Sokoliho hill (967 m above sea level), on which were to be found the remains of the defunct lookout tower. Not only did I climb high grass outside the tourist mark, but there was nothing at the top. The place where the lookout tower should have been before was fenced and overgrown with dense vegetation, so I did not even try to get there because I would have to conjure up my saber. The only thing to please is the countryside view. According to there are two sightseeing places.

Ripper’s Stone

Another goal was Ripper’s Stone, from which I expected something completely different. However, it is a memorial stone with a sign in the middle of a forest. Johan Ripper (1830-1912) was the son-in-law of Vincent Priessnitz, who has earned his credit for the development of the spa. There is also a shelter.

Studniční vrch

From Ripper’s Stone, I walked yellow to the Studnicni vrch. It is in the middle of a forest, and nowhere to see.

Deep bath

That’s why I went to a place called Deep Bath. There was water before, but there were no sights at the moment.

Nassau rock with a view

From there I wanted to get to the rock formation called Nassau Rock. Unfortunately, it only led to an unpleasant fall, after which the blue purple spots on my pants remained, blue bruise and severe pain on the whole shin. At first, I was afraid I broke my leg. For the sake of clarity, the reason for the fall was the ringing of my phone, which I tried to serve while walking through heavy terrain.

So I did not get to the place, but at home I found out that I had chosen the wrong way, since from the right top of the Studnicni vrch, it should lead a footpath to the Nassau Rock and Werner’s stone.

Educational trail Živé vody

From the Studnicni vrch, my steps led by an unmarked footstep towards the educational trail Živé vody to mineral springs. I went to Mecklenburg (Nordic), the Finnish and Grenadian springs.

Fighting with nature

And at a very fast pace, I was struggling with a sharp decline again on the red mark. This time, however, I followed the right path from the Pod Sokolím signpost. I did not know, however, that the Marian creek flowed in marked way. After that, I was no longer surprised that I did not find the mark on the way up, because I would not find it in the stream.

Cave Staré Podhradí

In spite of considerable exhaustion I decided to come to the cave of Staré Podhradí. Unfortunately, I went just to the gorge, which I did not want to fight with because of the persistent leg pain and time pressure. Already during my fall, Lukáš wrote that they had already been on the Rychleby Trails.

Basecamp of Rychleby Trails

Upon arriving at the base, I found the boys in the Pumptrac, so I breathed. At the time of my absence the boys gave some dessert on the Base of the Rychlebské stezky and they praised it.

Today I walked almost 20 kilometers, but I did not really see much, because I went to a hill most of the day and I had to go the same route and still at a high pace. The reason was also the absence of a telephone signal and then permanent connection to a foreign network.