Trip to Malý Rabštýn

It has become a tradition that we have a surprise in the form of a lady’s ride on mother’s day. This time we decided to go only a short distance from Olomouc. We were composed of I, Sister Helena, my niece Gabriela, my grandmother Eva, my mother and surprisingly one guy – Raptor (dog). We went to Domašov nad Bystřicí along the blue tourist trail with a nature trail through Bystřice valley to Malý Rabštýn.

Originally, I was planning to go from Jivova to Domasov nad Bystřicí, in the opposite direction, but a man in the train told me that it is downhill to Olomouc, so I changed the plan, which later turned out not to be a very good idea .

On the way from Domašov nad Bystřicí to Malý Rabštýn

The road is not very demanding, but there is one unpleasant hill. Another problem was a large number of ticks that we did not manage to remove from Raptor, but fortunately he should have a vaccine in which the ticks should drop off. Another annoyance was the overgrown path through the surrounding bushes, so we were interwoven with branches.

Just before the finish, we came to a fireplace, so I pulled out of my backpack sausages, a newspaper, a bottle of water, matches, horseradish and bread, and began to make a fire. Unfortunately, everything around was quite wet, but the experienced camper grandmother made the fire. In peace we all, including Raptor, took the first run and began to roast the second batch of sausages. At that moment we heard the thunder in the distance, which did not bode well.

There is a small fireplace at Malý Rabštýn.

We did not even eat and we were fighting the rain. But first, we still extinguished the fire with the water I brought. Mom did not think anything better than taking a niece, dressing her in the raincoat I had taken, and climbing under the tree, for which she had learned a good lesson from us. In a thunderstorm, never stand under a tree.

We continued our fast pace further down the hill. I was trying to find a phone signal to call for a pickup, but in vain. My grandmother raised the pace that had to go back, because the way to Malý Rabštýn does not go down, but the path was turning laterally to the right. In the biggest rain we took pictures of Malý Rabštýn and ran to Jivova train station.

The journey from Malý Rabštýn to Jivová

I review the way back better in terms of availability, as we had no need to walk through the bushes or climb the steep hills. It was still the same tourist trail and educational trail, but this part led mostly along the asphalt road, so it was degraded by the views of the surrounding countryside. Unfortunately, we had it all in the heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, so it was not very pleasant. Moreover, there was no signal at all time. But even more shock was waiting for us at the station.

Railway station in Jivova

When we finally arrived at the station in Jivova, we found out that the first train was not going until a few hours. And there was a stumbling block when changing the plan, because more trains run from Domašov nad Bystřičem than Jivová, which is a stop for a sign. The station building, of course, was closed, but fortunately there was a roof overhang where we hid.

The first thing we did was take off all our clothes, and my grandmother started to rummage her backpack. She found she had 3 T-shirts in a plastic bag and an umbrella, which made us very funny. Everything was soaked, only the spare clothes in the bag remained dry, which was a great luck. This way we had at least the top parts almost all dry.

Search for rescue options

It was strange that cars were at the station. I kept telling myself that someone could come and save us because there was not much heat. And it was fun. One gentleman with a backpack appeared out of the woods and first cut it to us at the station, so I thought we would not wait alone, but then he left and unlocked the car away. I ran after him to ask him if he was going to go to civilization. He replied, yes, so I gave him a number to call Lukáš to come to us as soon as he was within reach of the signal.

When I returned, a man in orange arrived at the station and asked if we wanted to go into the waiting room. It was a great pleasure for us, because it was warmer inside, although it had not been cleaned for years. At that moment, we dropped all wet clothes and waited for rescue. Even though there were several drivers at the station, none of them offered us a pickup.

The worst thing was that we did not even know if that gentleman called or not to my boyfriend.

Rescue with misunderstanding

After a few hours, Helena went off and suddenly began to jump with joy as a deer in the woods. Markus (a mother’s car) and my boyfriend behind the wheel were driving. He went under the roof of the railway station and everyone was glad. We’ve all packed in the car. But my boyfriend told us that his brother Ondra is coming right after him, that he must be there in a minute. So I decided to stay and wait for him. My mother stayed with me.

But we were waiting 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes, and Ondra was still not there. I was the most annoyed that he had dropped such a bullshit from his mouth. Moreover, I thought that the train would come sooner than Ondra, so the annoyance was more than double, as the backpack with my return ticket and the money was in Markus. After an hour Ondra came to the station. Ondra and his BMW followed Markus and drove under the roof and we could finally warm up a bit.

This time, the trip did not go well, but we took memories and new experiences from it. Fortunately the man called my boyfriend.

Where did the misunderstandings occur?

And what’s the misunderstanding about the arrival of the 2nd rescue car? Ondra was in Hrubá Voda, so they both naively thought that he can go from Hrubá Voda directly to Jívová. But it’s not possible to go directly by car from Hrubá Voda to Jívová and Ondra had to go through Olomouc.