Swimming in Uherskohradišťsko

After a long time we made an exception and instead of the tour we went to the bathing area in the Uherskohradišťsko. We aimed at the gravel pit at Topolna.


Since the parking in the bend on the edge of the road near the field road leading to the gravel pit did not seem too good, we drove to the edge of Spytihnev village and here left our car off the road between nearby water areas.

Gravelly Topolna

At the time of our arrival at the gravel pit no one was, so we occupied the best place where we had a sandy entrance to the water for ourselves. The only blight was the absence of trees that would cast a shadow. Gradually a few people arrived and some ruthless lazy people even arrived by car. I do not know how they would turn around if there were more cars at a time, but that would be their fight.

Wellness for free

After a while, we were lying in the water, and a swarm of fishes was blasting around us and they started to taste us. My friend did not like it, but I enjoyed it. After a few hours, we headed for the car as we rushed to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.

Flooded gravel pitches nearby

But we had to explore the other water areas in the vicinity, which are blessed here, as CEMEX mines greatly. These are the sandstones U Jezu, Bezedno and Bezedny (Bezedné) plus several other water areas that do not even have names. Not all of them can be bathed and access to water is complicated in some cases.