Herb paradise Sonnentor

The plans for a Saturday motorbike trip have melted as a fog over the morning due to the weather. That is why it was necessary to react quickly and to think of an alternative. The desire for knowledge led us to Čejkovice in the district of Hodonín, where the Sonnentor herb paradise is located, and among others the Wine cellars Čejkovice.

Restaurant Maděřič

But before we needed to fill our belly, so we stopped in the neighboring village of Moravský Žižkov for lunch at the restaurant Maděřič. Food, staff and the environment here were great, so we highly recommend a visit.

Sonnentor area

We reached Sonnentor’s herb paradise from behind, so we parked in the field. However, if you hit the right turn, you will arrive at the official parking lot. I got to the shop 2 minutes before the excursion, which always comes in the whole hour. Even though there was a giant queue at the box office, I was able to buy tickets for excursions (CZK 60 per person). The tour began a moment after we all met in the shop so we were very lucky.

Because of the experience it is better to arrive on a working day.

The excursion was started with a short film about Sonnentor, which was screened directly in the herb storehouse, which, in our opinion, was unbearably scented. The aroma was so strong that I was looking forward to coming out of the store and breathing in the fresh air. In this state, I was unable to think and ask about the things that I was interested in, so I left the excursion with a pile of thoughts and unanswered questions. To begin with, our smiling guidebooks brought her storing herbs, and then we looked into places with production machines unfortunately not in operation, so if you can, visit Sonnentor on a working day.

At the end of the excursion, we were able to test our knowledge of herbs and get a pack of 3 different teas.

Tea lounge with a café

Because we prefer to experience and test new things, in the café we ordered everything we did not know. Lukáš got Zotter vanilla chocolate and Raraskovo schlaukakao, while I lavender lemonade and turmeric latte. Unfortunately, afterwards, I found out that the flavor I was so in the warehouse was turmeric. To this end, our beetle latte, coffee, etc.

The Sonnentor store

As is the case, the female part has been stuck in the store for a long time, where it may not even be possible to go through and explore. Because we are just equipping our Selfiehome, I spent a lot of money here.

Viewpoint Na výslunní

The Sonnentor area also has a viewpoint Na výslunní, with beautiful views of the surrounding vineyards. In addition, you can take advantage of a photopoint that will take a picture and upload it to downloadable websites. Everything is completely free.

Herb garden of St. Hildegardy

If you just want to enjoy unforgettable moments, lie down into the biggest hammock I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, it was in the children’s lining all the time, so we did not get it.