Fast trip to Hostýn

There was one day when my mom was free, so we used it and set off for Holy Hostyn. We parked Markus in Chvalčov near the Chvalčov tourist guide – a kindergarten. After the red mark of the nature trail called Nature Hostýn Hills, we went to Hostýn. It was a fairly short forest route but very steep. In addition, when we parked, it started to rain.

Church monuments

A tourist sign led us to Jurkovič’s cross, made up of 14 decorated chapels, which led us to the basilica of the Basilica of the Assumption of Panna Marie. The basilica is open to the public, so you can come and look at the magnificent architecture of the old age. There are long stairs leading to the basilica, which add to the atmosphere, which is spoiled by stalls with junk and fast foods that these stairs are lining.

Just remember that you must not have exposed shoulders and knees when entering the basilica.

At the top of Hostýn and underneath it you will find a restaurant, podium, the Svatohostýn Museum and an old crossing way leading you to the highest cemetery in Moravia, a small rotunda and the lookout tower Hostýn, where a wind power plant is built in a stunning way, is more than inappropriate.

Hostýn Lookout Tower with Chapel of St. Crisis

The lookout tower, on the ground floor of which is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, is open only in good weather and the entrance fee is charged. But do not be fooled, it’s up to the top. So once you climb up the full spiral staircase to the top, you get to the floor with tables where 2 vendors sell baubles and tickets worth CZK 15 per adult and CZK 10 per child. But you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Celtic Oppidum

The Celtic Oppidum, which was inhabited by the Celts, used to be among the crossways. It is a place surrounded by a valley made of natural raw materials (coal, sand, stones, clay) that have been ignited, heated and sintered together, thereby gaining strength and hardness.

The way from Hostyn

If we had time, we could go back down the red mark to the signpost called the Imperial Way, and thence the yellow marked the Way of Peace Fighters to the place of our parking, but we chose the red route again.

By car to Hostýn

Although the road runs to Hostýn, the entrance is forbidden because of the low capacity of the upper car park. If you do not use our route, you can leave the vehicle in the parking place in Bystřice pod Hostýnem, located near the cemetery. But do not be afraid, if you are a lazy person, you can use the bus that runs to Hostyn. This bus departs from a stop 200 meters from the parking lot.