An oasis of calm in the Mariánské údolí in Brno

Originally, we wanted to go to IKEA, but the weather has shown us that wasting time in the store would be a sin. That’s why I re-evaluated the plan and found a wonderful location near urban noise, but in an oasis of tranquility and greenery. I would never believe that in Brno I can find such a piece of beautiful nature. Our goal was to go the Mariánské údolí in Líšeň. We parked in the Mariánské údolí and continued on the asphalt road towards the water reservoirs.

Restaurants and entertainment in Mariánské údolí

We passed the Eldorado Restaurant, Minizoo and Amusement Park. There is also a large paid parking lot. We wanted to eat here, but there were crazy queues, so we continued on.

We passed the singletrail of Mariánské údolí for lovers of cycling adrenaline and football field until we reached the bobsleigh track and the pension with restaurant Kadlcův Mlýn, where we had lunch. It was great, but the waiting time was quite long. And that was about three o’clock, so outside of lunchtime.

Even the bobsleigh track at near the restaurant was full, so we had to stand a long queue. Its route leads through the forest, and the operator told us that there was no need to brake. In one section you can see how fast you rolled it on the board. And it is possible to go for two, but you pay for the person, not for the bob.

Water reservoirs

Behind the bobsleigh track is the first of three water reservoirs – the U Kadlcova Mlýna Reservoir, near Chata u Borovic, where you can refresh, but the environment is not very nice. The water reservoir Pod Hradkem is connected to it and the last one is named U Muchovi boudy, where there is a refreshment called Muchova bouda.

Great to all of this is that the reservoirs can be traversed all the way, so you can go there along one shore and back along the other. But just one lead a marked blue tourist sign.

Ruins of Horakov Castle

We made a small mistake in one place. We decided to continue on the road and not follow the blue mark because it was uphill. In those places there is the ruins of the Horakov Castle, which we unfortunately did not see. Although it seems from internet sources there is almost nothing, but I take it so that we have not looked at everything.


All in all, it is an unforgettable walk through a beautiful valley lined with fragrant forests, complemented by water reservoirs that give the entire valley the right atmosphere. We could not get enough of this place, so we went back once again. On our second visit, however, the hailstorm cought us near Chata u Borovic. It was an incredible experience because the valley created clouds of fairy-tale steam, and the hail poured ground into white, which we have never experienced before. We got wet in the car, but we did not mind at all.

Interesting at the conclusion

We do not know as much as possible, but in one reservoir we encountered a turtle that was warming up on a trunk of a tree.

Visit of Brno

In the evening, we went to IKEA 14 km away to complete the beautiful day in the nature by also beautifying our apartment.