4th holiday day in Karlovy Vary

The last day we woke up on a rainy day, packed the suitcases, handed out the keys, paid the bill, and went to visit the Moser Glassworks in Karlovy Vary.

Moser Glassworks

There is a large parking lot in front of the glassworks so we did not have the problem to park. Our steps led to the Visitor Center connected with the Café Moser, where we purchased the excursion and museum tickets for CZK 180 per person. Because we had some time until the next hour, we decided to take a look at the sales gallery, which is located in the adjacent building. The prices of the exhibited pieces are astronomical, but we are not surprised, as we learned on the excursion that up to 90% of the production is returned to the glass mill because it does not meet the prescribed quality.

The excursion chase is the fact that they only bring you to the glassworks, which is just the beginning of the crystal products. But if you want to see the entire production process, you have to pay for it – the price for one person is 650 CZK.

On the working day, you will not be squatting among crowds.

Even though we were in another glassworks, we enjoyed it too. We are a great fan of excursions, technical monuments and interactive exhibitions. But from experience I know that the greatest part of the experience has a guide that was really great. We could try how heavy a glass whistle is with a weight of 18 kg. Of course I barely lifted her centimeter above the ground, and the glassmakers could have up to 30 kg. It is obvious why there was only one lady at the factory, which is very exceptional in this field.

Just for interest, the feet of glasses are made only by masters who have the same team of people. The reason is also that they are paid only for products that have passed the quality inspection.

Moser Museum

After the excursion we headed to the Moser Museum, where individual collections of glassworks were exhibited since its founding. You will receive a handset through which you can start the sound of televisions on which documents about the history of the glass factory run.

Svatošské Rocks

We finished our holiday with a walk to Svatoš Rocks in Slavkov Forest. We left the Cecka in Svatošská Street in the Doubí town of Karlovy Vary and from there we headed for the blue mark. The road was initially forest and quite downhill, but later we reached the asphalt road lining the Ohře River. After a while, we arrived at restaurant Jan Svatoš.

Directly across from these buildings, the Svatošské rocks, which add to their charm, over the river. The rocks can be reached over the river over the hanging footbridge, but you will not see anything special. Nevertheless, you can continue along the river to the village and the Loket Castle or go back to the car along the Doubí – Svatošské Rocks educational trail.

We have already been exhausted, so we chose the way of the least resistance, the asphalt road. We just went all the way down and got to the car. In addition, we found that there was a large parking lot on it, so we did not have to park between the blocks.