3rd holiday day in Karlovy Vary

After breakfast we had a pearl bath in the whirlpool, but unfortunately for only 20 minutes.

Excursion in porcelain Thun 1794

Fully charged the energy we went to Nová Role, where there is a factory for the production of Czech porcelain Thun 1794. There is a large parking lot in the porcelain where we did not have the problem to park. The first thing you will see is a business shop and a big cup as a fountain. To the visitor center, you have to go straight through the gate to reach the one-storey building, which houses the Visitor Center.

I got to the center two minutes before the official start of the excursion, which is always in the whole hour. However, because we were only we and one family, we were waiting for someone to come. The excursion costs 140 CZK per person. If we would like to graduate from a porcelain school where you can try to decorate porcelain, we would pay another 60 CZK per person.

The excursion started in the visitor center, where the guide brought the porcelain product line up, including the historical one, because there is an exhibition titled Porcelain Story. After that, we continued to the projection room, where a short film was projected, and only then our steps went to the production area. We passed like a herd of slaughtered cattle, so I was disappointed from the tour.

Today’s absurdity

However, I have learned that IKEA porcelain is produced here, but these products are only sold abroad, while porcelain from France and other countries is being imported into the Czech Republic. This fact made me even more angry. This is not only confirmed by the fact that our quality products are being exported abroad, and lower quality products are being imported, but unnecessarily creates an unrealistic amount of emissions from the transport of these goods. What does this mean?

The Thun 1794 porcelain manufactures lots of production under foreign brands and for corporate representative purposes.

Sauersack / Rolava Mining Plant

The biggest experience for us was a visit to the former Sauersack mining plant [mapped on the Mapy.cz as Former Mine Rolava (Sauersack)]. The massive concrete colossus, complemented by a number of smaller buildings in the neighborhood that had absorbed Mother Nature, literally enchanted us.

We spent a lot of time scouting all the places and skeins, climbing the upper floors of the factory to the tops of the tin ore. It was incredible to see how nature can handle human activity and, on the other hand, how durable a concrete structure is growing on. Whoever did not see it would not believe it.

Near the processing plant there are the remains of the prison camp because the prisoners worked mainly in the factory. There are a number of buildings in the area, especially their basements with underground passages, which, however, were flooded.

The funny thing about all of this is that we were heading for another place (the former Prebuz mine), which I found in an article on the Internet, and only after writing this post I came to see that we were elsewhere. There’s nothing to be amazed, because you can find a lot of articles and photos on the internet that confuse places. Upon a longer study of the document describing the activities of the Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, I can say that I know where we really were and what we saw in that mysterious place.

Falkenstein Dam

Due to the proximity of the border, we decided to go to Germany to the Falkenstein Dam (Talsperre Falkenstein). Unfortunately, we did not count on it in advance, so we did not have Euro. So in all the self-abandoned places there is a slot machine on the parking lot.

To dash sweet appetizers, we stood at the Penny Market in Germany, where we bought chocolates and lunches that are not sold in the Czech Republic. Everything was waiting for us with a smiling and communicative cash desk that was surprised by our mobile payment method.

Water reservoir Tatrovice

Another objective was the Tatrovice reservoir, which we came from the village of Mezihorská. We came across a vast parking lot in the forest, from which we walked to the cottage area and the water. Unfortunately, there was a “private land” sign here, so we did not look much anywhere. But Lukáš bathed, so the mission was fulfilled.

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