2nd holiday day in Karlovy Vary

Right in the morning we went to a procedure called oxygen therapy, which is nothing more than oxygen inhalation. Then we went to Karlovy Vary. There was a train from the hotel to the city, but was very expensive, so we went by our car and found a suitable parking space between apartment buildings on Krimska street, because of course everything is charged in the city center.

We went through the streets of Jaltská, Dr. David Becher, T. Masaryk to the Smetanovy sady. We continued through the Poštní most to Hotel Thermal, which in our opinion is a dominant of Karlovy Vary. Across a bridge, we went back to the left bank of the Teplá River, passed the Sadová kolonáda and after the Mlýnské nábřeží reached the Mlýnská kolonáda, where we tasted the water from the spring of Libuše. Overall, I was surprised how many people walked around with the typical spa cups we have countless at home, but did not think of taking them with us.


Another stop was Tržní kolonáda and Vřídelní kolonáda in which we wanted to see the so-called Vřídlo, which is located in a closed building and is the warmest spring of Bohemia. Unfortunately, the building was undergoing a reconstruction, so we did not get to it. We were not disappointed because we saw it during our last visit to Karlovy Vary. However, after arriving from Karlovy Vary, I read that the Vřídlo moved in front of the building, so we saw it without knowing it.

However, my colleague from my work that came from here told me that human activity had damaged the Vřídlo. I do not know what the truth is about, but I do not know how the sources can move to other places so there’s something about it. We reached the streets lining the Tepla river to Grandhotel Pupp.

Excursion area Diana

At the top of the mountain there is not only the top station of the funicular, but the entire Diana area. You will find here a observation tower of the same name, minizoo, restaurant, playground and Butterfly House. Please do not expect anything dizzy from minizoo. There are 2 peafowls in the area and 2 goats, 2 ponies and 2 pigs, but we did not see any of it because they were in the shelters.

It is great that the entrance to the Diana tower is free, so you can enjoy the view of the vast regions without being a little bit poorer. Maybe thanks to the height of dozens of stairs, but in the lookout tower there is a lift.

After the blue tourist sign you can continue to the other two towers or the ruins of the Church of St. Linhart in the Slavkov Forest, but we wanted to go to Kyselka.


After climbing we stopped at the Sluníčko bistro owned by my former colleague’s parents. At great prices we ate and went to Kyselka Spa.

In the footsteps of Mattoni

From Karlovy Vary, we went to Kyselka. But our GPS brought us through the narrow roads to a closed wooden bridge in Radošov. Although we were in the village next to Kyselka, we had to turn around because the bridge was reconstructed and Kyselka was still far away on foot. But at least we have seen the railway tracks built by Heinrich Kaspar von Mattoni.

Mattoni’s forest path

A new route led us to the Mattoni’s Forest Path at the tourist signpost Pod skalami elfů near Dubina. Here we also left our car and along the red nature trail Angel Mountain – Kyselka set out through the forest to Kyselka Spa.

After a while, I was struck by the concrete structures in the forest that I was going to see, and I found out that a spring sprang from them, not warm but cold. I do not know what it was, but if I had gums, I could go to the underground.

Forest chapel above the river Ohře

Soon we reached the Forest Chapel, which had a wonderful view of the Ohře and the valley with the surrounding forests. If we looked at the map, we could see that from there it was possible to go to Bučina tower, which is only 850 meters away.

Spa Kyselka

From the Forest Chapel, we headed for the blue to the far right until we saw the Ott Colonnade overlooking the valley, surrounded by scaffolding and building fences. We went down around Ott’s spring and Mattoni’s waterfall, which he had built. We drank our bottles at Ott’s spring and walked around the dilapidated spa buildings (Jindrichův dvůr, Swiss Court, Vilemínka) to the Stallburg apartment house, which left Jindřich Mattoni standing for his employees. It is the only spa building to be renovated.

Around the spa buildings there is only a road, and alongside it there are barriers and riverbeds of the river Ohře, so the walk is not very safe because the passing cars do not respect the fact that they are in the village. At one house we noticed over the fence that behind it is a waterfall and the water flows through its center.

Löschner’s pavilion with the Mattoni Museum

Behind the Stallburg house a forest path leads uphill, which takes you to Löschner’s pavilion where the Mattoni Museum is located. From my point of view, it is a kitsch building that does not fit into the countryside at all. From the photograph, the pavilion is even more tolerable, but it is actually much worse. This is a building of a former bottler of mineral water, which, according to available information, was reconstructed with an emphasis on the original appearance, but I do not even believe it. At the pavilion you will find a pavilion, from which you can see only the blocks and the roof of the Karlovy Vary mineral water factory (KMV).

Only the corridor beside the pavilion, which was locked, fascinated me.

Chapel of St. Anne

Those who like spiritual sights can still stop at St. Anne’s chapel, which is a short walk from the pavilion, but we did not go there. We would also get to the car in yellow, combined with a red tourist sign, but we returned a shorter trip due to exhaustion.

Mattoni’s house

On the way back we stopped at Mattoni’s house, which was just as sad as the whole spa area. Trees rooted in the house’s walls, the absence of ceilings and roofs. That’s just a handful of what was seen behind the fence. The only spark of joy comes when looking at the copper roof of the tower that was seated in the villa. Internet resources indicate that it is only maintenance work to ensure that the house does not fall. This also applies to other spa buildings. I hope that we will see that everything will be reconstructed, because it would be a shame if we let such an inheritance disappear. The house was our last stop for today’s 18 km tour.

Parking in Kyselka

At the entrance to Kyselka from Dubina, there is a car park in front of Mattoni’s house on the right and there is a car park that looks like it’s not even paid, so if you want to save some steps, you can leave the car here.

Tip at the end

Every summer holiday Saturday from Karlovy Vary to Kyselka, Mattoni Express, a historic M 240.0 series motorcycle nicknamed Singrovka, should be launched. This connection is operated by Czech Railways in agreement with Karlovy Vary’s mineral water.

Further tips for trips from Karlovy Vary region can be found in the article mapping our 3rd Holiday Day.