1st holiday day in Karlovy Vary

We had some credits at Slevomat, so we set off for a holiday in Karlovy Vary. We thought we were going to go from Central Bohemia, but the situation changed so we went on a long journey from Olomouc on Sunday morning.

Ponds near Údrč

Because we would arrive too early at the hotel, we decided to stop somewhere along the way. The ponds around Údrč in the Karlovy Vary region were interesting for us. There was also a dilapidated castle in the village.

The extinct village Skoky

We did not derail and continued down the idler road to the nearby village Polom, which was already a quieter impression. At the end of the road at one house, we parked our car and headed towards the former villagy Skoky, along the blue tourist sign of Skokovské stezky.

It was a wide field road, partially lined with newly planted trees and recycled asphalt, so that the smell and inexorable heat rose from it. Later we got to the classical field. I do not understand these steps at all because it only leads to the lazy people going to the former place of pilgrimage riding cars.

On the way we met a chapel, which was built in 2016 – 2017 on the place of the original chapel.

In the place of the former village stands a pilgrimage church of the Visitation of the St. Mary, and a barn. A little out of the way, in the overgrown grass, I found a few graves and remnants of a house. By the map, a red mark should be conducted around the village, but the paths were very overgrown and often difficult to pass. There were basic maintenance work on the church, but the barn is left to its fate. However, this is a beautiful place to visit.

We were just lucky that the church was open at the time of our visit.

Žlutice water reservoir

From the church leads a forest path that takes you almost to the water reservoir Žlutice, which is a source of drinking water, so it is forbidden to enter. But who would have missed a view of untouched nature.

Hotel Green Paradise in Březová

After our walk we went back and went to the hotel for a procedure and dinner. We were accommodated in the Wellness Hotel Green Paradise in the village Brezova near Karlovy Vary. The hotel is located in a beautiful environment of the Slavkov Forest protected landscape area around which flows the Teplá River. The exterior of the hotel is not very lively, but it is currently being renovated. However the interior of the hotel is beautiful, newly renovated. There is a large parking lot at the hotel, so we never had a problem with parking.

From the hotel room we got a key and a card.

We stayed in a beautiful room 217 with a balcony and then went to a welcome drink on the terrace. However, due to smokers, we moved to the restaurant. Then we went to the wellness center, where a salt cave was waiting for us. Unfortunately, we went through it with four other people who did not hesitate to have a great time. Only on request they stopped their arias.

Dining in the hotel

There was a dinner I could not wait for. The choice was from 3 meals, two with pork (the first with dumplings and the other with pasta) I did not eat, and the last dish was a risotto that did not get me anywhere. That made me very disappointed. Breakfast was better, but every day the same. Dinners were held in the same spirit every day, ie dishes were often very similar. When I had something to choose, the food was good or excellent. It would be enough for the chef to think over the creation of the menu, and maybe there would be more satisfied guests. Evening vanilla, chocolate, lemon and strawberry ice cream were available for dinner.

Unpleasantness in shower

When bathing in the shower, I experienced another shock because, after Lukáš flushed the toilet, hot water began to roll over me, under which a person would lightly burn the skin. Engineers have made a big mistake, I just hope this problem is not in the whole hotel.

Room equipment

The room had a double bed, a table and two armchairs that prevented the passage to the balcony. We had a TV, a safe and a wifi. In the bathroom was a sink, a toilet and a shower. Soap with shampoo in one was also available there.

People in the hotel

The hotel’s staff seemed to be in pretty good condition. But we were surprised that hotel guests are 98% seniors. I do not know if it was just a coincidence or a fact. In any case, we have often witnessed the disappearance of food in the bags from breakfast. Maybe that’s why the selection was limited 😀


By the way, I realized I did not take a toothbrush. Unfortunately we had to go to Karlovy Vary and let us navigate by GPS that did not even bother with the fact that there are pedestrian zones. Unfortunately, we went on it, even a bit, but it did not go anywhere, so we backed off. We successfully parked at the next shop after minor difficulties, but we could not find it again. The old historic building was the Albert sign, but entrance was not marked anywhere.

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