Nature of Veselíčko

Again the time has come to discover the surrounding countryside, so we decided to go to the village Svrčov. I thought I already know all the water areas in the immediate vicinity, but as you can see, there is still something to discover.

Natural Monument Dolni and Prostredni Svrcov

Behind the village Svrčov towards Lazníky we parked by the forest on the edge of the field road and after the green sign we continued to the natural monument Dolní and Prostřední Svrčov. In the picturesque valley between the forests, which hide small rock formations, there are three ponds – Horní, Prostřední and Dolní Svrčov.

According to Internet sources, there should be a frog threatened with extinction – a common toad, but we did not see it during our quick visit.

Windmill Lazníčky

At the first visit, time was pushing us, so we had to return to these places. On the way, we stopped at the picturesque windmill of the Dutch type called “Nad Pančavou” in the village Lazníčky. The object is in private hands, so it is not accessible. But you can enjoy his spell at least from the outside.

Quarry Veselíčko

Then we continued to the same parking place as before, so that we could go to the quarry in Veselíčko. The map is marked as partially flooded, but still exploits it, so it is not accessible to the public.

We partially crossed over to the quarry without having anything in the way, but after a while we found out that it was all surrounded by a fence and strips, so even the places we were in is forbidden.

Countess educational trail

In order not to go home with failure, we decided to visit Countess nature trail, which is located around Veselíčko and has four routes. The map is not marked, which is a great shame. Below you have at least a photo of where the paths of the nature trail lead.

The routes are marked with blue, purple, green and red dots, which was not a good choice, because Lukáš could not recognize blue and purple 🙂

From the quarry we walked along the yellow tourist sign to the tourist signpost called the Fallen Monument, near which there are 3 routes of the Countess nature trail. We reached the Lukavec water reservoir along the blue route of the Countess trail and from there we continued on to this circuit. We crossed the red route and finally the green that leads to Svrčov ponds, where we were last.

This is an unpretentious walk through the beautiful countryside, where you can find the magic forests, meadows, orchards and water areas as recreation,