Water tank Čelčice – Skalka and Hrdibořické rybníky

We do not like sitting at home, but on the other hand due to building our house by ourselves we do not have time for some long trips, so we explore the surroundings of our beautiful region Hana.

St. Wenceslas Feast in Tovačov

I read on the Internet that feasts are being held in Tovačov, so we went this direction. When we arrived at Tovačov, there was nobody. Finally, we found one chain carousel, cars and a slide. With a smile, we just crossed the place and stared at the map.

After a long search, Lukáš found a blue spot between the towns of Čelčice and Skalka, so I had something to look forward to because I love water biotopes.

Water tank Čelčice – Skalka

In Čelčice, we parked on the asphalt road at the bus stop and headed for the cemetery and along the field road to the water paradise.

The water reservoir is recently artificially built, yet it seems to have always been there, although the recently planted trees and shrubs enrich the environment in just a few years. I was very surprised by the wonderful environment, where you can not see civilization. The surrounding field crosses only one road and around the half of the water tank unfortunately runs an asphalt cycle path, for which I put my thumb down. I could only imagine a field path and not a sun-heated asphalt.

At the time of our walk, a group of small fishermen was fishing here, and one swan with five gray swans majestically ripped the water surface while the sun was heating our bodies in a cooling period.

There is not much water in the tank, but you can only imagine to lie down and sunbathe or enjoy a picnic.

National Natural Monument Hrdibořické rybníky

To make the most of our time, we stopped at Hrdibořice in a protected area called the National Nature Monument of Hrdibořické rybníky. Here we left the car at the end of the road near the house with a number 20 and went to the first pond called Raška.

We waded through the narrow aisle between the tall grass and the forest as we stumbled across one exposed bank. Unfortunately, the other two we passed were hunted by hungry fishermen, so we did not even try to walk there, because they were very small spaces. And there was no trace of the path, so we gave up because we did not want to take a bunch of bloody ticks.

I told Lukáš to go to the second pond named Husák. We jumped like a chamois over a meadow covered by grassy lawns until we reached the Raška pond on the other side. I enjoyed interesting views of untouched nature, where the tufts of grass growing from the water surface surrounded the dry trees. It was a very interesting look that I had not seen anywhere but was very difficult to access.

Upon urging the starved Lukáš, I was forced to interrupt the exploration of the area and go home.