Rychleby Trails

Last year, we were on the Rychleby Trails for the first time and because it was great, we set out here again. This time I, Eva and my brother Ondra. We guys went on a bike ride, Eva walked around the beauties of the local countryside.

We drove at 8am, but the navigation in the car this time led us completely absurdly on the Mohelnice highway, then towards Šumperk and Hanušovice and then to Lipová Lázně. We arrived there around 10:30am.

Rychleby Trails on bicycles

This year we set out on the same route as last year. So we went up on the track Dr. Weissner, which leads partly along the forest paths, but partly along a wild forest paths.

We drove up to the top and headed for the Wales trail, the Bishop’s trail and the Velryba trail. Then we went up again and down the whole Superflow trail. For a detailed description of each trail, I recommend reading the last year article where more photos are also available.

Adventure in the Rychleby Mountains without bikes

At first I hesitated to go, because I was left alone for a walk around the area. Fortunately, I took the rest of my energy and went.

Smolný vrch and Venušiny misky

I did not plan anything, so I spontaneously headed from the base of the Rychleby Trails along the green mark over the pond U Dubu to Smolný vrch with Venušiny misky.

Here I was angry at the mining activity that utterly destroyed the forest and broke the path. Here, there were painted neon darts on the trees to guide the tourists to the top, but they looked like painted by a squirrel or a total drunk man as they led me to such a thicket that under no circumstances could be overcome. Unfortunately, underneath the tons of trees, it was not possible to see where the original path would lead, which would give me approximate direction. All I had to do was go back and play for Tarzan.

On Smolný mountain I cleaned my head with a beautiful view and after half an hour I looked into the map where I will continue. I was attracted by two nearby ponds, which, however, did not lead to any tourist marked path. Mapy.cz displayed only a dashed line that led a few dozen meters below Smolný vrch and led only around ponds, not directly to them. I do not know how you are a good tourist, but the dashed lines on the map do not mean anything good, because there are usually no paths there.

Pond Velký Křemen

But I was not going to give up without fighting. I climbed the Smolny mountain and walked ahead with the hope that I would hit the slightest path somewhere. Yes, I did. But do not expect a miracle. I dug through the tall grass that slowly but surely becomes the last remnants of the path. Over time, I have experienced real forest paths, so comfort has moved higher.

In a moment, I came across a path that had been traversed in the woods. It was still quite far from the ponds, but I made my sense and walked around because the direction was good. Soon I came to paradise in the middle of the forest – a pond known as Velký Křemen (Mapy.cz and Google Maps marked as Horní Křemen). Here I would stay calm all day. A blue sky reflecting on the surface of a pond surrounded by greenery, whose spell complemented by small islands. And the silence and the smell of the forest. Not far away. Absolute perfection for nature lovers like me.

Pond Malý Křemen

Time passed quickly and I had to move on. I headed to Malý Křemen pond (both Mapy.cz and Google Maps marked as Dolní Křemen). This pond was also picturesque, but it did not match his big brother, so I continued straight on the road marked with a dashed line.

A magical pond surrounded by a rock with surprise

In a moment, I reached the foot of Jahodovník, around which were the remnants of the original settlement. At the same time, I noticed a small blue flip in the map. Since I am a lover of water, I decided to explore it. I made a few contours and a temple opened in front of me. The small quartz pond surrounded by a straight rock looked magical. Residual settlements have forced me to explore more, so I climbed up a hill and discovered a small deserted cabin.

I was in the seventh heaven because the things I can explore really fascinate me. In the cabin was a two-poster bed and a fireplace. All of course, only from locally available materials.

At this moment, Lukáš called me, so it was the end of discovery.

However, the way back was breathtaking. Unspoilt nature with views not destroyed by any civilization are eye-catching.

Pond U Dubu

On the way, I walked past the U Dubu pond, where you can sit and grill whales. Here I also met Beranovic (Lukáš and Ondra) and we headed to the base of Rychleby Trails.

Finally, we stopped in a flooded quarry called Na Rampě, which is right in Černá Voda. The original walls are lined with the remains of the old stone bridge.