Austrian Alps on Motorbikes

After a long time, we went on a trip to relax from building a family house. For a long time, we planned to ride motorbikes to the Austrian Alps. And because our friend knows Austria very well, we left planning on him.

Our target was Erlaufsee. This lake is located near the famous pilgrimage site Mariazell in the Austrian federal state of Styria. Lake Erlaufsee is a mountain lake at the foot of the Alpine region. The lake is about 1.5 km long and 450 m wide and is located at an altitude of 827 meters above sea level. Thanks to the Erlauf mountain river flowing through the lake, the water in this lake is wonderfully clean, which also attracts many divers.

Journey to Austria

On our way to Austria, we have partially separated. I went on a motorbike with Eva’s mom to Brno, where Eva travelled by bus and where we met with our friend from South Moravia. From here we went on motorbikes tour to Austria.

On our way, we deliberately avoided motorways to get the most out of the journey. We went along the side roads towards Laa an der Thaya with the destination Steinhaus am Semmering, where we had booked accommodation.

The trip through the Czech Republic was no problem and the weather was nice. But as soon as we got to the border, it began to rain. That’s why we stopped at the border market and bought warmer gloves and trousers for Eva.

As soon as we entered Austria, we were more or less passing through the rain. When it seemed more rain, we tried to hide somewhere quickly so that we were not completely wet. On the way, we made several stops due to the rain, which was not bad because we had at least some rest. Once we did not stop, so we got so wet that we were cold and the rest of the way was the most beautiful because we were passing through Alps and various passes, but we did not enjoy so much and were just looking forward to the hotel 🙁

We arrived at the hotel just before dinner around 5pm.

Accommodation near Erlaufsee

Our friend is a big adventurer and often sleeps in camps in a tent. But we were too comfortable for such overnight stays and none of us wanted to be in the tent 🙂 So we had to convince our friend that the tent is not a good choice and that we want a guesthouse or hotel. This finally turned out to be a very wise decision due to the weather 🙂

We were looking for cheap accommodation near Erlaufsee lake. From the offers on the portal, there were basically two options. The first option was R&R Residenzen, which is in Mitterbach am Erlaufsee, but was without food, without a pool and at a higher price, or Alpenhof Hotel, which is less than 70 km from Erlaufsee, but was at a lower price, with half board and swimming pool included.

Accommodation in Alpenhof Hotel

So we chose Alpenhof Hotel because we did not mind the distance and the benefits were significant compared to the second option. When we arrived, we found out that the hotel has a Slovak owner and all staff are Czechs or Slovaks.

And we are glad we made this choice because the hotel is really very nice standing alone on a hill with a beautiful view. Breakfast and dinner are buffet style with a great choice of different meals. In addition, we were lucky that the barbecue meal was just the same day, so besides the standard buffet dinner we could have a lot of different meals from the outdoor grill, so we did eat really well after the challenging trip.

Upon arrival, we also appreciated that there is a large fireplace in the main lobby of the hotel’s reception, so we could warm up and dry our things down.

After dinner we decided to go to the pool we had included. Upon arrival, we were alone in the pool because there was still dinner time. Then there came one more couple who left soon and we were alone again.

The next day, we just packed and set off for breakfast, which was excellent again, with a large selection of meals. After breakfast, we continued our journey towards Erlaufsee lake.


On the way to Erlaufsee lake, we traveled through the town Mariazell, a well-known pilgrimage site. So we stopped at the basilica, which was full of people and there was a ceremony, so we went out again 🙂 We just went through the center of the city with stands full of Christian crosses and we continued our journey.

Gemeindealpe Ski Area

Before we went to the lake, we went to the ski area Gemeindealpe Mitterbach. Here, in the summer, you can get off the cable car to the top of the mountain to the restaurant Terzerhaus at an altitude of 1 626 meters above sea level with a beautiful view of the valley and Erlaufsee lake. While traveling by cable car, you can watch grazing cows and ringing bells on their necks.

You can go downhill on a mountain mountainkarts, which I strongly recommend 🙂

The trip uphill and downhill at the mountainkarts costs 21 € per person.


After the trip on the mountainkarts, we headed for Erlaufsee lake, which was also the main destination of our trip. We did not stop in the main part of the lake, where there are parking lots and restaurants and many people, but we rode around the lake to its rear, where there was a diving school where we stopped and from the pier were admired by the beauties of local nature and the lake with clear water.

Journey from Austria

From Austria back home, we set out on a fun green route according to the navigation. This route led us through various smaller paths through the Alps, which we enjoyed 🙂 From St. Pölten we drove along the main road to Znojmo, where we then headed for Pohořelice and then on the highway to Olomouc.