Holiday in Tyrol

After a long time, we went back to the Alps. We used an extended weekend to save some vacation on our family house.

Lake Achensee

We started on our journey early in the morning to get on the road in some interesting places.

Our first major stop was Lake Achensee. There are many smaller or larger parking lots around the lake, but all are paid. And the closer you are to the center, the more expensive parking will be there. We stopped about 1 km away and paid 3€ for 4 hours and walked on foot around the lake.

Right at the beginning of the main tourist section there is a wooden lookout tower.

The lake is really beautiful and Eva was absolutely excited about it and she did not even want to go away 🙂 We walked along the lake along the footpath. But because the lake is huge, we had to turn around and go the same way back so we can still get to our apartment.

On the lake, the sightseeing boat also runs every two hours, which costs 20€ per person. We did not go through this day, but we were planning to stop here again on the way back.

Accommodation in Panorama Appartements

From the Achensee we went directly to Panorama Appartements, located in the village Längenfeld. Fortunately, the apartment is right next to the main road and the exact address was in the navigation so we hit the place easily and accurately.

The apartment was really nice. We were there as a whole family, so we had an apartment for the size of a normal flat – a living room, a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom and two bedrooms. We arrived last, so had to sleep on a sofa in the living room. This was the only weak side of this holiday, as we just love to go to sleep early, which was a problem in this case 🙂

In the apartment we had a pool and a small wellness, which was great and every evening we went to relax after a skiing. It was also great that there was no one around the seventh hour, and we had complete wellness for ourselves.

Alps Sölden

The next day after we arrived we went skiing. The main cabin lifts leading to the ski resort were just a few miles from the apartment.

Alpine Resort Ötztal-Sölden is one of Austria’s most famous and luxurious resorts. There are 146.1 km of slopes and 33 modern chair and cabin lifts. The total transport capacity of the site is nearly 70,000 people per hour. And thanks to its altitude up to 3,340 meters above sea level (glacier) there is a guarantee of snow from October to May.

Under the lifts there is an outdoor parking area right next to the boarding house and there is also a parking lot so there should be no problem with free space. We rode in the morning to be around the boarding area around 8 am. Thanks to this, it was possible to park at the very entrance to the building from which the cabin lifts are going and where the tickets are bought. There was no queue at the cash or at the turnstiles at this time, so we did not stay anywhere and could immediately go up the hill.

Skiing area

We drove the cabin lift from the parking lot to the center of the complex and then we moved to the standard chairlift.

We were originally worried about the weather because the forecast said snowfall all the days of our stay, but in the end we had good weather. It was not perfect, but on the other hand there were fewer people in the area, and there were virtually no queues at any of the lines, so we could really go up and down.

For a lunch break, we stopped at the view point of the luxurious Ice Q restaurant, which just like the whole resort appeared in James Bond – Specter.

The second day of the afternoon, when the snow was rather heavy, we witnessed a more serious injury on the slopes, due to which two snowmobiles had to arrive, a wagon with a cabin for the wounded, and landed on the slope, and then a rescue helicopter took off before our eyes. At that moment Eva was afraid and finished skiing 🙂

Trips around Sölden

After two days of great skiing, we took a break and set out for excursions.

Journey over the hill to Italy

First we, together with our brother Ondra and his girlfriend Šárka, went on a journey by car through the village of Sölden. According to the map, there was a way across the hill to Italy. We then went on a winding path to the top of the mountain to Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum. However, we found out that the car is not going any further, because the road is closed for most of the year due to snow. This was a terrible disappointment because the crossing over the hill to Italy was a great attraction for us. However, we had no choice.

Hanging footpath near Längenfeld

We then went with Eva to a Suspension Bridge Längenfeld, as it turned out to be right behind our apartment 🙂 But Eva found the way that led across the village and then the forest way back. According to the map, it looked like walking for about 1.5 hours on the way there and on the way back. Fortunately, we refused, and we headed for the car to the other side where it was practically possible to get to this suspended footbridge, which was a rope bridge over the valley.


We then went to continue our trip. We found the little city Landeck, where, according to some sites, was a chocolate factory. But when we got to Landeck, we did not find any chocolate factory. However, this did not deter us but rather motivated us to continue our trip. Because I looked at the map, I found that Switzerland and Italy were very close. And since our morning trip did not go up the hill to Italy, we had to make up for it and we went to Switzerland 🙂


Specifically, we went to the small mountain village Tschlin, which looked just like a fairy tale 🙂 The houses and streets, nowhere any people and the whole environment was absolutely breathtaking. And those views all around…

Nevertheless, we passed the village and went on our way.


Our trip after visiting Switzerland headed to lake Lago di Resia (Reschensee). At that lake, the ski area ended with the last ski slopes up to the car park, next to which there was a bar with a disco.

We left the car in the parking lot and walked around the lake. But the lake was big again, so we walked just a bit along its shore and then back again.

As the evening approached, we set off on our way back to the apartment. On the way, however, we happened to find a strange building right in the rock, which is currently Festung Nauders Museum.

Der Bergdoktor – Ellmau

Eva’s mum watches the Doctor of the Mountains (Der Bergdoktor), which is filmed in Tyrol. And because we had this village basically on the way, we had to stop at Ellmau and find the doctor’s office.

Originally, we were really looking for his house where he lived. According to footage from this series, it looks like the house is somewhere on the hill quite alone, but in fact this house is just off the road and not even high on the hills that made us quite confused before we found the house 🙂 At home, we finally found out that it was not his house, but the surgery, which is really in the series located in that village and not alone in the hills 🙂

Lake Mondsee

On the way back home we planned to stop at two lakes. The first stop was Lake Mondsee, located just on the border between Austria and Germany.

Lake Attersee

The second lake that was recommended this time was Attersee Lake. At this lake caught us a thick snow blizzard that came in a while while we were sitting by the shore of the lake and having a snack 🙂

None of these lakes have the same qualities as Achensee, which we first visited on our way to Alps.