The Sky Walk in Dolní Morava

On The Sky Walk in Dolní Morava we were not yet, because we did not want to go there in the main summer season when a lot of other people go there and the trail will be full of people. So we decided to go today because it was, in our opinion, such a deaf season before Christmas, when people probably do not travel too much, but rather deal with Christmas presents. Moreover, according to the forecast, it should be beautiful.

We were leaving around nine o’clock in the morning when it really looked beautiful. In Dolní Morava there was also the opening ceremony of the winter skiing season in that day, so there was quite a lot of people.

Way to The Sky Walk

We originally stopped at the first car park under the first lift, but when we looked at the map, we found that it was better to go from the second parking lot, so we drove to the next car park below the second lift.

We walked from the parking lot to the Penzion Jiřinka and across the mammoth’s water park by the forest to the chairlift. Under the lift we went to the final station of the lift. Here we crossed the slopes and walked along the forest path towards the exit station of the second chairlift. From here we went along the cycling trail to The Sky Walk.

The journey on foot was very demanding. We walked through the snow and most of the time with a rather steep hill and the journey lasted about 1 hour.

The Sky Walk in Dolní Morava

Admission to The Sky Walk costs CZK 200 per person. If you would like to go by chairlift, then you will pay 350 CZK per person for entry to The Skye Walk + the way by lift car back and forth.

Our fortune fortunately came out, so we really were on The Sky Walk, basically ourselves. When we climbed up we were here alone. A couple came in a while and then another couple, but we were practically alone there, able to enjoy the view and take nice photos. The view is really nice and practically right after the valley you can see the top of Králický Sněžník.

For the brave, there is one rope tunnel between the floors and a rope eye where you are standing on ropes.

Way back to the car

Back from The Sky Walk, we did not go anywhere along the cycling trail but straight down the slope that was still closed at that time.

When we got down from The Sky Walk, two paragliders just started here. This place is suitable for paragliders and is directly marked as the PG start Sviní hora.

The journey back to the car was more comfortable and faster than the way up. We walked down the slope, and most of the way was slipping as snow from the snowworks was frozen on the surface.

On our way home, we stopped in Králíky on the square and at the Passion alley to the monastery and the last stop was the village of Vysoká and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity.