Terezské údolí near Laškov

Winter is knocking on the door and we went for a trip after a long time. Unfortunately, it is not exactly that, but better than sitting at home and watching TV. This time we went to Náměšt na Hané. We parked at the outdoor swimming pool and walked through the nature trail through the nature reserve Terezské údolí for nature preparing for winter sleep.

Nature trail Terezské údolí

We did not choose the ideal time because it was after heavy rains and the entire valley was very waterlogged. On the other hand, it smelled of pure air, which we lack as a burgher.

For a walk or a bike ride with a picnic full of goodies, this is a great place. In any case, we just went through today because there was not much to explore. However, it was also caused by the pressure of time and the fast dimming, so there was no time for some delay.

On the other hand, I expected more from this place. It is possible, however, that a charm of the valley is better at another time of year.

Way back through the amphitheater

We do not like walking along the same paths, so we chose a red tourist sign on the way back. It was not just the flat valley, but the forested hills. We passed the old Hradecký Dvorek gamekeeper’s lodge until we reached the amphitheater in Náměšť na Hané. Today perhaps one of the most charming places we have seen.

If you are not in a hurry, you can still stop at the locality in Náměšť na Hané, because if you choose our route you will reach its premises.