View of Malý Rabštýn

Today we broke our work for two hours (yes on Saturday!) and went for a walk to the view of the rock in Malý Rabštýn in the nature park of Bystřice valley. We started our journey in Domašov nad Bystřicí near the Municipal Office, where we left the car in the parking lot and along the blue tourist trail we went through a nature trail through the Bystřice valley to the view point.

Path to Malý Rabštýn

The signpost at the Municipal Office in Domašov nad Bystřicí indicated that Malý Rabštýn is located 2 km from this place.

A tourist sign led through a section of the village to the football field and around the railway tracks. Then we entered the area of natural stone Kamenné proudy near Domašov. We climbed up and down, and so all the way until we reached the prospect.

What happened to us here

About ten meters ahead of us we noticed a beautiful squirrel who almost disappeared from our nature. I remember seeing it quite often before, but now I rarely see it with admiration.

We were waiting for the squirrel to go in our direction, but climbed to a tree. That’s why I took a few steps forward and at the tree I looked into the crowns of the spruce. Just when I did it, I rubbed my right eye with slight pain. Still, the squirrel is not a bear. Falling winter bear stock I would not have survived.

Anyway, after that event, I heard Lukáš’s laughing laugh as I struggled with the pungent pain in my eye. After a moment, Lukáš told me that the cone fell out of the tree on his head and from his head to my most sensitive spot in the face. We must admit that the squirrel had a great shot. Shooting two people with one cone is amazing 😀

Her best look was to make sure she did it perfectly.

Malý Rabštýn sighseeing

The rock formations here create a beautiful scenery that gives you space to view the surrounding forests. Just at this moment amazingly colored in all possible colors of autumn. I think we made the mistake of not taking a picnic basket here because it’s the perfect place for moments of well-being.

Way back

The only downside is that it does not lead another way back. We could have continued up to Jívová or even Hrubá Voda, but the car would not come to us unfortunately.

In any case, the signpost in Domašov nad Bystřicí distorts the fact when I say it nicely, as the trip to Malý Rabštýn is 3.1 km long, not 2 km.