Open Day Court at the Doubravsky dvur farm

Today we went to Doubravsky dvur farm in Nový Dvůr near Červenka, as the day of the open court was held here. Parking was allowed in the field next to the farm.

The farm is open to the public every day except Sundays from 9am to 5pm.

Doubravsky dvur farm tour

A visit to the farm visitors went by themselves, as everywhere there are signs with all the information. We went through the entire farm, including the goat and rabbit backyard, read out some interesting information, caressed the cows and calves and went out looking for the renowned ice cream.

Accompanying program

In the bar in the middle of the farm we did not find it, so our steps led across the road where the accompanying program was taking place. When we finally found it and stood up for the queue, only yoghurt was available. That’s why we’ve stepped into the queue again to taste more. The second time we have cream and cheese.

The day should have some performances and music, but we did not care.

The children could pick up some stickers on the farm, glued to the prepared paper.

Dairy tour

That’s why we went for a mini dairy tour that was in operation this weekend. Visitors could try how to make wheat-style cheese. Of course, I used it, and then we bought this fresh cheese for 20 CZK. It was absolutely excellent.

Farm products store

We went through the dairy shop straight to the farm shop. Of course, we bought a lot of fresh milk products 🙂