Waterskiing at Náklo

Today, after long planning, we finally got for the first time this year to go to Water Skiing. We usually ride once a year sometime in the summer, but this year we have not made it and last year we were unfortunately not at all.

Immediately after 12pm, we and the boat went to Náklo, where we were arranged with the manager that we could go ride. My brother Ondra and my girlfriend were supposed to go with us, but they did not hit it, so we went alone and Ondra joined us later when we picked him up by the shore.

On arrival, we dropped the boat and started to warm up the engine.

After the first warm-up at low speed, we accelerated to speed for skiing, but the boat engine somehow started to get angry and lost power. Fortunately, this problem has been solved by itself and the engine has already driven to full performance. Probably because of a longer stall, some water has been precipitated in the tank, which has made us mad for a while.


The first I went into the water. I put on my neoprene and vest and put a helmet on my head on which I had borrowed a GoPro camera.

As we ride on water skiing regularly, I already knew how to prepare myself in the water so I do not have a start-up problem.

The theory of waterskiing

You can start a skiing (or a wakeboard) either directly from water or a shore, which is a much simpler option but is not available everywhere. We are used to always start out of water.

When starting from water, it is always important to have your hands tightened and hold the handle with the rope firmly. If you do not have your hands tightened, the startups will be much more difficult.

The second important aspect is legs. Your legs must have approximately the width of your shoulders. Your legs are slightly crooked in the knee and the skids just above the water (about 5 cm). The skis should not be perpendicular to the surface, but they should be directed in the direction of travel, ie the toes forward and the heel slightly backwards.

For the start it is very important to firmly hold the handle and keep the legs together. A very common mistake is that the skis will go from one another, which of course you are not able to fix. The second big and common problem is the butt in the water. Right after starting, you must try to grab your hands and lift your butt out of the water as soon as possible. If you do not, you will be flooded with huge amount of water and will not last long.

So you need to think about keeping your legs together and getting your butt out of the water as soon as possible. Then it’s quite easy 🙂 When you’re going, you just have to stand and stick. From the beginning, it’s likely that you will start to hurt your back fast, as you probably have an outstretched butt. Just like skiing in the snow, you need to hold your legs (do not let them go).

Water skiing experience

After my first ride, Eva went. At first attempt, she did not get off at all. At the second attempt, she did not manage to raise her butt off the water in time, so she did not hold on and let go. On the third try, it came out and went 🙂

After Eva’s ride, we picked up Ondra and just wandered around Náklo. Then he went skiing and also did not have a start-up problem, because he was already skiing a lot.

After Ondra again went to Eva, but unfortunately she did not manage to start one of two attempts, so skiing for today has already given up. But at least in the first ride she jogged 🙂

After Eve, I went again. The start was good again, but after a while of riding, I ran an outside arc around the ship, where the speed was much higher than just behind the boat, and because of the waves I could not keep it and went to the water 🙂

Because I did not ski long time, I was doing another ride. But the first start did not work because I was not able to pull out my butt out of the water 🙂 The second attempt was already out and the ride was fine.

The last ride went again Ondra, who started at the first attempt.

After Ondra’s skiing, we just traveled around and Eva tried driving of the boat 🙂

Then we just went back to the shore, loaded the boat and drove home.