Thermal lake Kalameny

Today we set off for an unplanned motorbike trip. We originally planned to go to Days of European Heritage. But in the morning, we reviewed the plans and went with Eva’s mom and our friend on motorcycles to Slovakia. Specifically, we went to the thermal lake Kalameny, which is located near the famous village Bešeňová.

So I went home quickly for a motorbike cloth, and then picked up my motorbike and the second helmet for Eva.

Fortunately, our friend has a navigation on his motorbike, so he went first and led us. On the navigation, he set up a green fun motorbike route that did not drive us along the motorways, but primarily in the nature and villages. We then went through Hranice and Rožnov pod Radhoštěm and further through Bytča and Žilina and enjoyed our trip on motorbikes. During the trip we stopped several times for short breaks.

Thermal lake Kalameny

Thermal lake Kalameny is a small lake with high sulfur and magnesium content. The pond is supplied with 17 liter / sec water, which is warm around 33 °C and is suitable for swimming all year. Water in a pond has beneficial effects on the human body and is used in the treatment of the locomotory system or urological problems. The pond is about 20 x 10 meters in size and is just next to the driveway where it is possible to park. The problem may be personal cars, because during warm summer days and there is not much parking space.

Thermal lake Kalameny is available free of charge.

Kozí vršek restaurant

After taking a bath in a Thermal lake Kalameny, we took a late lunch at the Kozí vršek restaurant that was recommended to us. The restaurant is located a short walk from the thermal lake Liptovská Teplá.

The restaurant offers lunches in the form of All you can eat, so the entrance is paid and the person can eat anything. Specifically, there was an entrance fee of 6.80 € per person. The restaurant is really beautiful and the food offered was very good, so we definitely recommend to visit.

Subsequently, we have already started on our way back to Olomouc. We made 472 km of motorcycles during today’s trip.