NATO Days in Ostrava

On Saturday, we visited Europe’s largest security show called NATO Days. We were the first time on the event, but Eva’s mom was already there last year, so we had a basic idea.

Path to the airport

The event is really great. Several kilometers away from Mošnov airport are the “attractors” of parking in their gardens, who will use the event to earn a few thousands of tourists who do not have parking.

The last few kilometers ahead of Mošnov we have just been in a column where we spent about an hour. We parked a bit from the customs office building in Mošnov, where they wanted 100 CZK, but we talked for 50 CZK 🙂 From here we went to the airport.

We went to the crowd for another 2 kilometers, because it was necessary to get around the airport right by the way to get to the campus. At the entrance there was a thorough check on whether we have any weapons or other prohibited items with us. We had to show the contents of our bags, and the controllers were making us feel if we were still storing something. All around were armed cops with submachine guns and bulletproof vests.

Technique and demonstrations

The whole area was really huge and there were many techniques. Transport aircraft, reconnaissance planes, fighters, helicopters, armored transporters, tanks, … But even fire-fighting or police vehicles.

At various locations, in addition to static demonstrations, including the possibility of going through some of the planes inside, there are also dynamic demonstrations, ie various controlled explosions, terrorists, transport of protected persons, etc. And, of course, many air samples directly above our heads.

There were many truly unique, such as B52 or B1 bombers, F16 fighters or the well-known JAS-39 Gripen, and many other aviation and ground techniques.

Interesting were the possibilities of inspecting the machines from inside, where was the crew with whom you can take a picture or talk about different things.

The highlight of the day was the introduction of an aerobatic group of the Italian Army Air Force Frecce Tricolori on the Aermacchi MB-339 aircraft.

At the end of the day, we were left to seduce Škoda Yeti in their off-road park by a driver who was not really afraid and gave the car a good job 🙂

The entire NATO Day event was really cool. I was afraid that there would be a lot of people there, and we would just squeeze and beat the crowds, but it was not that terrible. Unfortunatelly it started to rain in the afternoon, so we had to go with raincoats or umbrellas.