Cascades of White Opava

On a trip to this wonderful place book a day in a week, because the crowds are crowding around during weekends.

If possible, go there on a business day.


Parking is difficult here. People in all their efforts to save money on parking and at the same time to be as close to the White Opava choose parking on the road and the worst is that on both sides! Absolutely I do not understand. Transportation is collapsing and the police do nothing about it.

My sister parked at Karlova Studánka for 70 CZK / day during her visit. On the contrary, we went to the shelter called Sedlo pod Lyrou. There is a forest park and there will be plenty of places throughout the day, as it is 2.5 km away from Bílá Opava.

The nature trail of White Opava

The nature trail White Opava starts in Karlova Studánka, but we went from Sedlo pod Lyrou with a parking lot with a shelter.

The nature trail is unidirectional on weekends – the yellow route there, blue back.

Observing people will read that on weekends and holidays they should observe the one-way nature trail. The yellow mark is from Karlova Studánka to Barborka and blue back. This rule is quite important because there is a large number of tourists and the way is narrow in many places even for one person.

The trail runs around the White Opava creek, which forms beautiful cascades in the rock formations. Fun for lovers of adrenaline comes at a time when you get to sections where there are footbridges, ladders or steep rock walls, after which you have to scramble up. You will normally encounter water flowing along the way or becoming boulders that you have to overcome.

Even though the wooden elements are repaired every year, you will encounter somewhere missing a staircase, spur, etc. So I strongly recommend keeping the children under surveillance.

Unfortunately, everything is being ruined by ruthless tourists who leave everywhere garbage and paper handkerchiefs or napkins for their needs. Is it such a problem to pack everything up with you and throw it into a trash bin? Packaging from handkerchiefs for this purpose is very good.

Other tourist attractions in the area

At the signpost Pod Ovčárnou you can go yellow towards the Ovčárna and then continue on the stunning Petrovy stones. Another option is to choose a blue route to reach the Barborka mountain hut and then to Praděd at an altitude of 1491 meters above sea level.

We did not have enough time, so we ended our pilgrimage at Barborka’s hut and started back to the blue track. This route does not lead to the Bílá Opava creek, but it is beautiful, as it leads through a diverse landscape.

Certainly, it is worthwhile to pass through the Karlova Studánka, where many wooden spa buildings from 1803 to 1893 are preserved. There are many mineral springs used here, one of which is open to public in the Pitný Pavilion. There is an artificial waterfall at the White Opava race, the village has many monuments and geological exposition.

Overall, we have gone over 15 kilometers today, of which 5 kilometers on the asphalt road, because we parked very badly. In addition, Lukáš went back like a dragon, so another day hurt my hip. In any case, it’s not good to run uphill …

Detective work

In our remote parking lot, we spotted a suspicious and crashed Audi car. Since we knew that two of these cars were stolen in Olomouc yesterday, we photographed it and sent a letter to Police of the Czech Republic. On the third day after sending an email, I received a phone call from a hidden number, and the lieutenant thanked me very much for my report. It was not about the stolen car, but he was very glad that I do care what’s going on around. I was very pleased because I did not hear the praise for a long time 🙂 Therefore, if you encounter something suspicious, do not be afraid to inform the Police of the Czech Republic. Perhaps you will have a share in resolving the case once.

Do not be afraid to report any suspicious activity or negotiation.