Surroundings of Slezská Harta

Water reservoir Slezská Harta lies on the Moravice River. Construction of this tank began in 1987 and was completed in 1997. The building is a small hydro power plant with a capacity of 3.14 MW. It is interesting that the dam was built at a place where previously 6 villages were wholly or partly flooded when filling the dam.

Lookout tower Velký Roudný

We went on our trip today to the Velký Roudný lookout tower, which was built in 2007 at the top Extinct volcanoes Velký Roudný. From the lookout tower there is a view of the ridge of Hrubý Jeseník, Beskydy or Oderské vrchy.

Already at the top of the volcano you can see that it is a volcano, because there are lava stones around and the soil here is red. When you exit, you have to take into account that it is quite a hill. We walked along the green trail from the main road between Roudný and Krišťanovice, but it is also possible to get to Roudno directly from the church of St. Michal after the Vulcanite Nature Trail.

Next to the lookout tower there is a covered seating area and a fireplace, so you can take a snack on fire. At the top of the volcano there is also the Chapel of Velký Roudný, with the story of the rich and evil peasant and the dwarf which was captured.

Church of St. Jan Nepomucký

The second destination of today’s trip was the Church of St. Jan Nepomucký in Karlovec. This church was built in Baroque style from 1727 to 1728 and originally stood on a hill above the village. However, the village was flooded during the construction of the dam, leaving only this church.

We left the car in Nová Pláň and then walked on foot. Around the road that runs along the bank of the dam, there are other places marked for parking, so if someone does not want to walk too far, it is possible to get to the church.

On the side of the driveway there is a fenced, family-owned house. However, if you go farther along the fence, you will reach the cemetery, which is of course freely accessible. From this cemetery you can reach the church.

But when Eva came to the church, a lady began to yell at her that it was a private site (including a church) and that she has to get out. So we left, but it was weird that the public church was privately owned. At home, we looked into the real estate cadastre and we really found out that the plot on which the church lies is in the property of Bruntál.

So when you go to the church do not let yourself be discouraged by the roaring woman who will claim to be privately owned because she is lying and definitely it is not in private ownership – according to the above statement from the cadastre of real estate it is evident that it is in the ownership of Bruntál.

On our way back to the car, we were able to have lunch on the bank of Slezská Harta, which we prepared at home.

Venus’s volcano

Venus Volcano is an extinct four-high volcano above the village Mezina near Slezská Harta. The peak of the volcano is a flat crater, but there are lava caves at the edges. Here again the soil is red.

By the time we came to the volcano, there was a larger group of drunken adults aged 40-50 playing Indians, which made me really funny 🙂 We originally thought the way was not even worth it, because it seemed that besides the abovementioned group of freaks there was nothing here, but then we discovered the volcanic caves, which was more interesting.

Razovské tufity

The last target of our trip today was Razovské tufity. Razovské tufity are a former quarry, which was declared a protected area in 1997. Tufity are again a remnant of volcanic activity and previously were used for the mining of tufa building material.

But here, look out for the ticks, because I found one and Eva even about 10 ticks, which fortunately was not yet snatched.

Today’s trip ends and we return home 🙂