XIX. The Hanácké Circuit in Olomouc

Every second year The Olomouc Automobile and Motorcyclists Club organizes the event called Hanácké Circuit, which is a competition of historical cars and motorcycles made in 1939 in Riding regularity. Within this competition an exhibition of cars is be organized before the start of the race. This time it took place in Rudolfova alley in Smetana’s parks in Olomouc. However, it is not good to come to the beginning of this show, which started at 10am, because there are a million people who have the same goal as you. Before we managed to get through to all the exhibits, it was almost empty-handed. Suddenly we could enjoy the undisturbed sight of the jewels of the First Republic. At 11am the veterans started to start their race one by one. The commentator presented each crew, taught and possibly communicated a bead or history of the car.


  • One family bought a veteran from Austria who belonged to their ancestors.
  • At the wheel of one of the cars was a man who was as old as his car – 1928.
  • There was a Lagonda veteran with 180 horsepower (more than our modern car 🙂 ).

I was fascinated by all the cars, but I would like to mention Tatra 27, which was operated in Olomouc at the time of the occupation and it was wearing the inscription “The buses of the capital of Olomouc”. There were Aero, Wikov, Zbrojovka Brno, Škoda, Tatra, Praga, Ford, Rolls Royce, Franklin, Buick and Jawa vehicles.

It is a perfect event that introduces its visitors to the nearly 100-year-old automotive industry, complete with old clothing, great moods and smiles on the face. Throughout the duration of the event, it was possible to listen to contemporary music performed by the Olomouc Dixieland Jazz Band, which had its place in the Music Pavilion at Fontana Restaurant.

We enjoyed the day extraordinary and my dream is sometimes to sit in some of these cars in stylish clothes. The last participant in the race did not start until 12pm.