The White Carpathians of the Horňácko Microregion

Recreation area Lučina

Two trips were planned for today, but none actually took place, and an alternative plan was made. We set out in the direction of PLA White Carpathians. But that’s a pretty broad area, so I dabbled again on the internet looking for the most interesting places. I wanted to make it almost impossible – wild orchids, bathing and some technical interest. Our destination has therefore become recreation area Lučina near Tvarožná Lhota, where we parked at a marked parking lot for a price of CZK 30 / passenger car.

Čertoryje National Nature Reserve

We had a choice of three hiking trails in this place. We chose green because it was supposed to bring us into the natural beauty of PLA Čertoryje in the form of wildly growing rare orchids. Unfortunately, we have not seen any orchids, as the meadows were partially cut down and only the dead parts of the orchids were found in the unseen places. Not all this had been a well-traveled path, so the first attempt to achieve the goal did not come out :-D. In any case, we turned around and went back to the last signpost (Traviska) and walked along the yellow marker. Immediately on the next signpost (Kněždubský háj) we turned on the red route, which led along the meadow to the summit of Šumarák (398 meters above sea level), where wooden sculptures were visible and there was a sitting. We continued on to the signpost below Šumárník, where we had two choices. Go further and go to Travičná tower or go back to the car.

But it is true that we did not see anything interesting all the way, so I immediately agreed to an immediate return as I knew there was some sort of party and bathing. We sat in Pubs under the Lighthouse at Lučina water reservoir. After a bad meal I no longer wanted to bathe, so I just refreshed and went to the car.

Protected barns in Hrubá Vrbka

On the way, we stopped at the information stand in the parking lot and got to know what to do. The lady was very nice, but she did not have a lot of ideas about the tourist destinations in the wider neighborhood, so we followed the information found on the internet. Our next trip led to the windmill in Kuželov. While navigating, I noticed that in Hrubá Vrbka are listed protected barns in the map. Since there was no extension of our route, but only a ride along the side road, though unpaved, we did so. One of the barns was covered with paper with an exposition of old utensils, but it was not open even though the opening hours were. From the site of the village, I learned that the barns are lining the village on both sides, and when you look at the maps, it is obvious that there is an interesting arrangement of houses in the village.

Windmill in Kuželov

But today I was most attracted by the Windmill in Kuželov of 1842, which is incredibly adorable. It is located on a hill above Kuželov and can parking free of charge. At the moment I was already enjoying beautiful architecture, we were surrounded by dozens of motorcyclists, and if we just wanted to leave, we had a bad luck as they took the whole car park.

At the mill stands another barn with a building where tickets for sightseeing are purchased (CZK 50 for adults and CZK 25 for children and students). In the countryside there is a kitchen with a room and cattle shed, with a number of tools and other tools of the earlier times. Part of it is a commented tour of the mill, which is operational and has three floors and a cellar. The guide will beautifully explain the milling process.

Radošov lookout tower

To take advantage of the fact that we are so far away from home, we have set up Hroznová Lhota, which leads the blue mark to Radošov lookout tower. Lukáš did not want to go anywhere, so I went alone on the way. Originally, we parked at the cemetery, but after looking around the situation, I called Lukáš to drive between the family houses to the water reservoir where the debris was under the trees. I chose the path very badly again, since all the time I went after a once-beaten track, but today it was covered with tall grass. After 2.5 km I finally reached the lookout tower where two mobile toilets were available.

Radošov lookout tower is open but it is not suitable for acrophobic people, ie people who are afraid of heights, as no stairs or floors on the viewing platform are full, so you can still see the ground. As I gazed at the view, I was there alone, but a lot of people who came from the other side were already down the road. That is why I called Lukáš to come to the Kozojídka pond, which was lead by a beautiful unpaved road and moreover it was closer to Hroznová Lhota. It was possible to bathe in the pond, but it was very warm. Many people used to fish there, and there were a couple of campsites there.

This trip was over, as the clouds were dragged and there was a few moments left in the storm. Originally, I wanted to look at Váté písky, but I forgot about it.