Rychleby Trails

A week ago, we agreed to go to Rychleby Trails today. At 8am we had a meeting at the OMV gas station behind Olomouc towards Šternberk. Because we were still waiting for the last car, the departure was around 8:20am.

We went through Rýmařov and Jeseník and further to Lipová Lázně, where our friend booked his bike for rent. When we arrived at the rental, he found out that he had booked the bike elsewhere – right in Rychleby Trails 🙂 So we went to the infocenter at Rychleby Trails.

We followed our mobile navigation that we believe. Honza, who went with us, but claimed he knew it here and that we had to go somewhere. We did, however, go as we were navigating and finally it turned out that it was a better way because we were faster 🙂

There is a parking lot at the information center of the Rychleby Trails, but it starts to be relatively full at around 10am. We took out our bikes and a friend went to pick up his bike for rent.

We had an outdoor camera with us to shoot, but the problem was that the bracket we had on the camera was too narrow to fit it on the handlebars. So before we left the trails we had to figure out how to get it. Finally Eva managed to get the wire and pliers, so instead of the short screws at the holder we used a wire.

The men’s staff went to adrenaline while the ladies went to explore the area.

Adrenaline Rychleby Trails

Going up

Now we could finally go to the Rychleby Trails 🙂 We rode from the base of the Rychleby Trails on the green route, which connects to the green Trail Dr. Wiessner. The start was fine because it was riding along the modified path through the woods. But then it was not as fun as it was going through the meadow and forest and field roads. Several times we drove quite steeply and on stony rocky roads, which made us strong enough. The last part, Trail Dr. Weissner, was perfect. It was a modified trail that went uphill, but it was crossing a stream, down the footpaths, or over large stones. This part was very entertaining personally, and I did not mind the climb we went to. Shortly before the end of the climb, there was also a mountain stream where you could refresh.

At the end of Trail Dr. Weissner we agreed that we would continue on the Wales trail and then go to the Bishop Trail, Whale, and up again to Wales and then to the long Superflow trail.

Trail Whale and Bishop Trail

So we went up and found that Wales could be taken along a route that is not even marked on the map, and it seems to be under the Wales trail. And we have also been told that if we are here for the first time, it is better to leave Wales out. So we went down the forest path a bit and connected to the Bishop Trail and then the Whale Trail. Bishop Trail was fun and cool, but it was not yet great. Nevertheless, the Whale trail has compensated us because it was absolutely divine. It was a difficult trail, where it was a lot of riding between the stones and the big stones that ran around and went elsewhere. It was terribly excited but we agreed that it was absolutely perfect and that we would give it again again 🙂 But I would recommend this trail rather to more experienced riders.

There followed a trip through the forest path up to the start of the Wales trail, where we drove down the forest path towards the Superflow Trail. Here we met other riders who told us that Wales is more like a trial, that is, looking for a way up the stones and not recommending it because it is not so fun. So, finally, we’re glad we did not go for this trail.

Superflow trail

Before starting the Superflow Trail, we made ourselves into the camera and started off. We took the first part and went out on the forest path and I thought we were in the end. However, when I looked at the map, I discovered that we were only at the first station with number 5 and that we had only a short distance from the whole trail, which was a very positive message 🙂

So we continued the trail further. Occasionally, the steep slopes were alternating with lighter ones, some more turns, some more jumps, stones, stumps … This trail was really great. Experienced riders can release the brakes and really enjoy it with all jumps and tilted bends. Less experienced riders also come to their own, as it is possible to go slower and more cautious and still enjoy the ride.

Recommendation at the end

We left the bicycles around 11am and the way up took around two hours. We returned to the information center just before 4pm, and on the whole we took less than 30 km of cycling. So it is good to count on a day trip.

If you want to enjoy the ride, you definitely need a full-sprocket wheel with a stroke of at least 120 mm front and rear and high-quality disc brakes, otherwise you will really be bothered.

There are routes suitable for experienced riders and ordinary cyclists, but mainly experienced ones will really enjoy it.

The helmet should be a matter of course here.

Tourist destinations near Rychleby Trails

While the guy started to ride on the Rychleby Trails, Eva and Helena and Barbora went for a ladies’ ride accompanied by two American Staffordshire Terriers – Gina and Raptor.

Ruins of Kaltenštejn Castle

First we went to the ruins of the castle Kaltenštejn (also known as Hradisko), which is 1.2 km away from the Base of the Rychleby Trails. The path partly leads along the Dr. Weissner, so we could evaluate what the boys are waiting for. The whole way goes slightly uphill and the climb begins just below the ruin.

Only part of the tower and a few walls in the hill under the tower survived. From the very top it is not quite visible anywhere, because it is covered with grown trees.

Those who like to swim can turn their way back to the Podhradní pond and go only 100 meters. Unfortunately, we did not know about it, so we did not investigate it.

Great and Little Pond

Then our steps headed for the Great and Little Pond. At the Base of the Rychleby Trails we gave less rest and continued to the village Černá Voda.

In a quiet pace, we stood for more meters when anxiety was heard in the silence of wildlife. In a moment, we screamed all three, and with frightened eyes we watched Gina, who had a taste of how an electric fence was an inappropriate complement to human civilization. All the muscles squeezed her, she did not want to eat, she did not want to go anymore, but it was horrible. Finally we got puppies for her, so we thought it was okay. Unfortunately, we were waiting for another hitch. As soon as Gina saw another electric fence, we could not move her. Pulling on a leash, we were just sliding on the asphalt, leaving nothing more than a 66-pound bitch take in hands.

There is a beautiful trail surrounded by even more beautiful nature. After a short walk you reach the shelter from which two roads lead. It does not matter if you want to go to both ponds because it is a circuit. First we visited the Great Pond.

You can take your toasting with you.

Then we continued to the Little Pond (U dubu), which was drained and overgrown with grass, which did not delight us. We figured we’d be taking a longer break here. Unfortunately, there are some nonsense that did not allow the pond to be impregnated. At the pond there is one of the oldest oaks in the region and a shelter in which there is a fireplace for roasting sausages or other specialties.

The moment we came out, the guys were calling us. Lukáš had come for us while Karel and Honza were giving up with hamburgers.

Tips for other interesting places in the area

If you still have the strength, you can go to Smolný vrch with Venus’s bowls. Or take a bath in one of the many flooded quarries in the area. At Červená Voda there are quarries with the names Rampa and Rokliny. At the village Vápenná you can find Archbishop’s Quarry, Žulový vrch (also called Brankopy) and Vycpálek. At Vidnava quarry Kaolinka and Stachlovice, near Žulová Transgranit and near Skorošice quarry Vaněk.