Ride of Kings in Doloplazy

Today we set out to Ride of Kings in Doloplazy. Because we have never been to such event, we did not know exactly what to expect or how it is going. I personally was curious about it, and I thought it was something like a feast.

This is an ethnographic festival organized annually by the Hanácký ethnographic ensemble of Olešnica Doloplazy, always on the first Sunday of July.

Eva’s mom told us that it starts at 1pm, so we drove after 12pm to Tršice, where we originally planned to leave the car, but finally we drove to Doloplazy by car, because Eva’s sister had a dog with her which was not able to walk so long distance.

The Ride of Kings

Before 1pm, we reached Doloplazy and were surprised that there was virtually nobody there. When we looked at the timetable, we found out that the Ride of Kings does not start at 1pm, as we were told, but at 2pm, so we had an hour longer. So we sat in the shade and waited. It was possible to see old utensils and machines here. But more attention was attached to our puppy that we had with us.

As 2pm approached, we began to look at what was going to happen. Meanwhile, they danced around and played different groups in costumes. After two hours, the horses and the parade went out and sang some songs. They headed from the municipal office to the cemetery and further up the road. They took the king and went back down. King is a local boy from 14 to 15 years old from Doloplazy disguised as a woman with a rose in his mouth for confidentiality.

I personally did not get captivated and I would not go back to this event again. I was expecting more than just going through the villages back and forth.