Račí údolí and Smolný vrch with Venus’s bowls

Smolný vrch and Venus’s bowls

Today we have decided to take our fate into our hands and go back to Smolný vrch in the Rychlebské hory to throw away the bad luck that accompanies us in the implementation of our own house. Since we did not plan a trip and did not go by our limousine, but by car from the last century, we showed to one village at Smolný mountain (404 m above sea level) and went there. The starting point for this time was the village of Kobyla nad Vidnavkou.

In the village you will find the arrows with the inscription P – Venus’ bowls, so you can use them. Signs throughout the village navigate to the train station (Kobylá nad Vidnavkou 124) where you can leave your car for free but do not expect any official parking. Today there was grass to knees and a handful of cars buried there. From there, an uncharacteristically green trail should lead from here, but we did not find the symbol before the first crossroad and from the three possible paths, we did the right thing for the third time. In any case, when you leave the station, turn left.

From the beginning you will go through a beautiful landscape of meadows with a view of the distance that does not spoil any human abode or the creation of human civilization. The trail runs between pastures, where many cows have traveled. Then you enter a forest where you can find a board whose inscription leaves you afraid – the area of tickle inflammation of the brain. After a while, you will come across signs indicating that you are on the Rychlebské trails, which we will go on next week. On the way, you will encounter many turns, but we recommend turning the asphalt road to the left, because according to Mapy.cz there is no other way in that direction. The whole route runs essentially on a straight line and the climb comes up to 500m from the top of the mountain.

At the top of Smolný there is a view and the so-called Venus’s bowls, ie granite rocky recesses reminiscent of giant bowls, in which water is often held. Here we asked for good luck, enjoyed a magnificent view of the Rychlebské Mountains, scrubbed the rock formations and went back, all without any audience.

Račí údolí

We have also decided to visit the Račí údolí Nature Reserve near the village of Horní Fořt. We parked in front of the recreation facility Račí údolí at the END OF THE WORLD sign, but after a while we found out that there is a parking lot reserved for tourists. You will also find an official open fireplace and barbecue with seating, so if you bring all the necessary things, you can experience a return to childhood.

The ruins of Rychleby Castle

A blue hiking trail leads you to the Georgshalle where you will find a refreshment and information center, but there are also different events. Going further down the blue and turning to Red under the Rychleby signpost, you will reach the picturesque ruins of Rychleby Castle, from which you can see only one surviving tower in the surrounding countryside.

Devil’s pulpit

Continuing along the red route, you will reach the crossroads of the Devil’s pulpit, from which you can walk along the green path to the prospect of the Devil’s pulpit, which has a bell tower but unfortunately in an impoverished state. The green hiking trail takes you back to the Georgshalle, but on a very steep path. So we recommend making a circuit in this direction. Interestingly, through Račí údolí led an important business path so-called salt path from Nysa through Kladsko to Hradec Králové. The castle of Rychleby (nowadays the ruins) was built to protect the trade route from thieves and robbers.

You can also have a refreshment or a playground in the Rači valley.

Take your toast with you.

While we were still full of strength, we went home because it was already after 5pm, and we were still waiting for a long way home. We also found out that our next destination – the nature trail Bílá Opava is a well-known tourist area, so we will have to go to it either in the week or in the early evening, because at the starting point because the road on both sides was stamped by cars! I do not understand the drivers who take off their vehicles!