An unexpected adventure in the rock maze of Toulovcovy maštale

To take advantage of every spare time, we set out to a rock city called Toulovcovy maštale. The starting point is the Bor u Skutče, where you will find a free parking lot in the center of the village, right next to the tourist route signpost. We wanted to follow the green mark, but we did not quite succeed.

Path to Toulovcovy maštale

Our uncontrolled footsteps led us to the wrong way, so we had to come back somewhat, and through the red route, climb a steep hill up to the green. With this mistake, we lost a rock tower called Petrovna. But given that there is really a lot of these natural beauties in the neighborhood, we did not mind too much.

On the way to Toulovcovy maštale, we jumped several times over the brook Voletín and Novohradka, we walked through the magic valleys between the rock formations around some small peat bogs (Do not enter them, otherwise it could be very bad.) Or fairy forests with purple berries .

Unexpected surprise

At the moment when we did not even miss the signpost Za Borky, Lukáš put his ears and says, “Thunder!”. Nothing positive because we were far from being at hand. But we can not stop anything anymore, so we continued with the knowledge that we have nothing to do with rain. At the moment we were just below Toulovcovy maštale, it was a lot of screaming. First, we grasped the shelter under the trees, but because there are only conifers, they did not give us too much comfort. That’s why I went to look for another refuge.

There were stones with smaller overhangs on the opposite hill from Toulovcovy maštale, so I called Lukáš to follow me. Like guinea pigs, we crawled under the stones and expected what was going to happen next. It did not look too good, because blacker clouds were rolling over us, and the rain grew stronger. Finally it was a hail. The clusters of sites were up to 4 cm in diameter, which is really a lot, so we were glad for our shelter. But that did not take our smile off our face and we took it as a great adventure.

We took out a snack and made a taste of it. From the boredom of excitement from the situation, I have already announced a competition, who is the first conch in the tree in front of us. We had been hanging there for a long time, so it was necessary to stretch my legs, so I started banging with it while Lukáš said we were going to go, for the hail with the rain had receded.

Wet, we headed for the opposite bordering hill on which the rocks stood. From there, we found them to be Toulovcovy maštale, and there are plenty of overhanging stones to hide comfortably. Nothing can be done. We can say that we were more interested in it.

Almost every rock overhang was supported by twigs, sticks and logs, but for what reason, we do not know. Lukáš could not stay behind, so he also found a good log that he denied there. On the contrary, I found a beautifully structured mini twig and settled it in my place.

Maze of Toulovcovy maštale

An even more interesting adventure was waiting for us right in the maze of Toulovcovy maštale. Not only were we there alone, but we experienced them in a completely original way. After the rupture we had under the stone, streams of water rolled through the masts, which made the dramatic thrill of today’s excursion.

You have two hundred-meter-long red trail that leads you from start to finish. But we did not keep it, though we thought we did. We got into a very narrow and low space, where we rinsed in the mud, but still smiling at our face. The mark was there, but somebody shot some of the tourists and painted it illegally there. That’s why we got back to the beginning, and this time we went into the mast entered the exit of the trail to see all the beauty that it offers us.

You can walk upstairs and enjoy the forest views. It is an ideal place for a picnic. There were some groups of people before we left Toulovcovy maštale, but they did not experience them like we did, because all the water had already plunged into the valley.

Journey back through wells and springs

We do not want to go back the same way, so we chose this red path that will guide you through the Maštale nature reserve. Almost all of it is lined with rock formations, which create the unforgettable atmosphere of this landscape. On the way, you will pass several wells and springs. We stopped to wash at Džberka, because we were whole from the mud after our exploration of Toulovcovy maštale. Then we stopped at Moses Spring, where we tasted water and it was excellent. I wish it was flowing from the taps in the cities. However, the vicinity of Moses’ springs was rather bleak, because mining started here, allegedly by trees bark beetle. Well, let’s see what trigger there left behind.

At that moment I had already dried up and I did not suffer, which surprised me quite a bit.

Dudych’s cave

Those who do not feel adrenaline should not miss Dudych’s cave, which will only get a narrow crack between the rocks. The stairs are carved inside and there are handles on the sides. Obese people are not going to get around. A small room with seats carved from rocks is waiting for you. Looking over your head, you can admire the crowns of trees through which sun rays get into the cave. This is a good place for uninterrupted relaxation, because someone just will not be there.

With this rock formation, which we had passed at the beginning, our wandering through the Maštale nature reserve was over.

Tips for other interesting places in the area

On the way, we traveled through the village of Nové Hrady, where Nové Hrady Chateau is nicknamed the little Schönbrunn or the Czech Versailles. It features a large number of gardens, a cycling museum, a hat gallery, or a farm with deer and deer, who are tame and allowed to stroke and feed.

Pink deer

We have walked several times around the brown board appealing to Pink deer located between the villages Morašice and Újezdec. So we tried it this time and it was really nothing, so do not waste your time and do not drive here. It is a park set between the fields in which the copper memorial of the Czech brothers is located. Bloom here a few roses, grow a few trees, and that’s all.