Airshow in Bochoř near Přerov

Today we had two choices to do. The first option was the Airshow in Přerov, the second option was the race of the tractors and the meeting of the old motorbikes (Fichtl Fest) in Horka nad Moravou. Since there was not much information about the motorcycle event and the program started in the afternoon, we decided to go to Airshow in Prerov.

After lunch, we headed out to Přerov and then to Prerov Airport near Bochor. Admission was free of charge and parking was possible on the premises of the airport but for 50 CZK. We parked in Bochor and walk to the airport on foot.

The Airshow

We came at a time when most people were leaving, as the event started at 10am and we were there around 1:30pm. Which was an advantage, because at that time there were quite a few people here and we could walk through all exposed military, police, fire and air technology. After we went through everything, we went to the airstrip to see what was going to happen. Within a moment, military fighters arrived unexpectedly on two Aero L-159 Alca aircraft, which are single-seat single-engined multi-purpose subsonic combat aircraft, which can fight ground and air targets and are currently deployed in the fighting in Iraq. Here they showed several crossings and common aerobatic elements and then left again.

The fighters were followed by a demonstration of Flying Circus dr.1+Camel sop. from World War I, including pyrotechnic effects. This demonstration was very interesting and there were the best pyrotechnic effects right in front of us, so we had it right at first hand 🙂 Unfortunately, because of the weather (raining started) the demonstration was interrupted and the aircraft flew away to hide from the rain.

When we were on our way out, an unexpected acrobat with the Bücker Bü-131 flew and showed us his acrobatic show. And for a while, we could see in the rain an aerobatic show of the plane Zlin Z526F.

The whole event was really cool. I also enjoyed taking the time when there were very few people at the airport, and we could see all the equipment and see the demonstration of the flights without having to crowd out. Unfortunately, due to the weather, some demos were canceled 🙁