To the lookout tower Velký Kosíř nicely Czechly

In the morning I set up a backpack and together with my mother and sister we set out to the Velký Kosíř using the following means of transport. We chose it deliberately because we wanted to go back to the old days.

9:07 by train R 912 from Olomouc – to Prostějov (81 CZK / 3 persons)

10:00 by bus from Prostějov – to Čechy pod Kosířem (48 CZK / 3 persons)

Chateau Čechy pod Kosířem

At the beginning, we looked at the castle park in Čechy pod Kosířem, which we did not even try to go through because we knew we were still a long way to go. There are many interesting trees in the park, just look at them. There are also two ponds, lookout tower Červená věž and the Manes Pavilion, which can be reached only after payment of the commented sightseeing tour of the park. From the Chateau Čechy pod Kosířem at Velký Kosíř lookout tower it is 2.3 km along the yellow tourist route (starts about 150 m from the chateau complex).

Lookout tower Velký Kosíř with a surprise

As soon as the lookout tower was visible, I slowly began to collect dry sticks for fire. But when we reached the lookout tower we found that it was closed, which is a great shame, because only during the time we were there were many people turning away sadly. But that did not spoil our mood, as I pulled out of my backpacks, pastries, horseradish, newspapers, matches, a knife and a tray. Mom was in shock, because it was a surprise. I think it worked out 🙂

So when you go to Velký Kosíř lookout tower, do not forget to take toasting. Although there is a kiosk where you can buy the bacon, but it will not always be open and the price is significantly higher than in the classic shop. Apart from a covered fireplace, there is a seating area, a swing, deck chairs and other buildings where we did not clearly identify the purpose. At the fire was the ax, dressed with sticks for the squeak of sausages, some newspapers and mustard, and we kept our matches. The more you take your own, the less you will have to rely on others 🙂

Do not forget to take with you sausages and matches.

The way back to civilization

We went back partly by the green tourist mark and partly on GPS on my mobile because we wanted to go as quickly as possible. It was not the best idea because the paths that led us to the navigation did not always exist, so we often ran through the thickets, the high grass, we climbed slowly on the four slopes, etc.

But we were all right, with a twenty minute reserve, except for the Drahanovice train station, which made us feel like we had moved in the past for decades. At first, we began to investigate whether it is still working, because the grass was so high that it looked like there have been no trains for years, and you might find homeless people in the dilapidated building. After a while, I found information on a window that there is a train lockout. So we could sit down on the stairs and wait for the train. He stopped quite far from the station, but brought us home.

14:40 by train OS 14030 from Drahanovice to Olomouc (97 CZK / 3 persons)

As soon as we stepped out of the train, it began to rain and, before we got home, it was quite sparse. But everything went out perfectly 🙂