Introducing the new Volkswagen Tiguan in Hlubočky

As a faithful customers of Volkswagen Olomouc we received an invitation to VIP entry for the introduction of the new Volkswagen Tiguan at Skiareál Hlubočky. Because I wanted to try the new Volkswagen Tiguan, I booked a test drive on the slopes at 14:30. In addition to testing trips at the Volkswagen Tiguan, we also had free volleyball, raut and rides at Volkswagen Amarok and Volkswagen Tuareg as VIP guests.

Before 2pm, we drove to Hlubočky in order to get to the test drive in time. We arrived just after 2 o’clock, so I informed the test drivers, we got the VIP bracelets on our hands and we were able to go to the snack before we drove.

Driving Volkswagen Tiguan

After snacks we could go straight to our ride. I was driving the new Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI R-Line on the slopes up and down. I was very much surprised by the capabilities of this small car, which was both very powerful (140 kW) and also loaded with all possible assistance systems, such as an offroad system that controls traction during downhills and automatically brakes the car at the downhill – the steeper hill, the lower speed it goes down without any driver intervention, which can be very useful for example on snow or some slippery surface.

Driving Volkswagen Amarok

After driving Tiguan, we wanted to drive Amarok and Tuareg. So I made a tour of Tuareg and Eva waited in line for Amarok. We were the first to join Amarok. We headed up again on the hill, but unlike the Tiguan, which is a smaller SUV rather to the city and some lighter forest roads or to the mountains, we went further into the offroad park, where they usually drive with Hummer. I really would not expect what such a working car like Amarok can do with a regular two-liter diesel engine. The hills that we drove up and down I would be afraid to go with our old Toyota Land Cruiser with extra landscaping. Amarok terrain passed completely without hesitation.

Driving Volkswagen Tuareg

After Amarok’s ride, we waited a while for Tuareg. Eva went in the meantime to refresh, and we came straight after she came. Repeated the same terrain as Amarok, we just went some extra obstacles and more enjoyed it, such as stopping in the steepest hill and subsequent start, side slope test, etc. Once again, we were just amazed at what such a car can do. I considered Tuareg rather like a regular SUV suitable for a trip to the mountains, but mainly with an offroad package, this car is really surprising even in really heavy terrain. However, it is true that the car had the most powerful 3.0 TDI engine with 193 kW in the TerrainT version with a cost of almost CZK 2 million.

After the Tuareg tour, we went to a bobsled track that we had once gone and then walked up the slope to the off-road area, where we watched for a while and photographed the passing Tuareg and Amarok. Then we just went to the final refreshment and started home.

We really enjoyed the day and thank you to Autocentrum Olomouc for an invitation 🙂