Rakovské údolí near Laškov

We originally wanted to go on a bicycle to the Libavá military area as part of the White Stone action, but due to unfavorable weather conditions, we decided to make an alternative plan.

We got in the car, entered village Krakovec in the Prostějov district to the navigation and we went out to the beautiful countryside. We parked near Krakovec Castle, which is now in private hands so it can not be seen from the courtyard. It is only allowed to admire the work of former masters in the form of a charming slate wall, which, however, in one part is boldly turning into bricks.

Rakovské údolí

The yellow mark, after a while, led us into the beautiful valley, whose steep banks joined the rock formations, and at the bottom flows Pilávka river. The moment we reached the edge of the stream, my eyes grew bright as I knew an adventure was waiting for me. Tourist signs continued along the other side of the creek, but there was no footbridge across the watercourse. A little further downstream, the fallen branches in the creek provide the backdrop to the second elevated bank of the Pilava river. Nevertheless, my enthusiasm for the beauty of nature has faded away, as we suddenly reached the asphalt road that led high above the picturesque valley. We stopped at the signpost where there was a small gazebo.

The road was followed by a new dilapidated road, under which there were thousands of tonnes of recycled material, which, at the edges under the weight of my weight, shattered. I was totally horrified by this absolutely meaningless step. Nevertheless, I still hoped that something beautiful is waiting for us. But we only missed a well in which the little cowards were located.

The Rakovské údolí is, in my opinion, suitable only for a cycling trip, so I was very disappointed in walking it. Only when I was going to write this article I found out that we went to different location than planned. Because I found the Rakovecké údolí on the Internet and for incomprehensible reasons I made the Rakovské údolí from it :-D.