Nutrition feeding in Hradec Kralove

To buy a car I went to Hradec Králové with my sister and other crew members. We left our cars at the Kaufland retail chain on Pilnáckova Street. While others went to stuff the belly into the Indian restaurant The Royal Maharaja in the Great Square, where they are allowed to eat by their hands, I went on recommendation to Jiráskovy sady, where settled at the confluence of the Labe and Orlice coypus. This park is rather an ornamental garden, so flowers will come to you as well.

Waiting for coypus

I sat on the beach, took out a snack and waited for a coypus to appear. It took about a quarter on an hour, and I was taking my cell phone so I could write to that local guy where he sent me again. At that moment, I saw a floating creature, and at the speed I tried to take a picture of it so that it did not fool me. But he appeared right in front of me and started climbing into my lap. I was in a pleasant shock and with a smile on my face I handed him a piece of my snack. Coypus took it humbly to his feet, creeping from my feet to the ground, and ate it. As soon as he ate everything, he climbed to me again and asked for another bite. In the meantime, the banquet grew to another visitor. With utter astonishment and joy, I gave away all the food I had to eat and started to pack. At that moment, the animals knew that the throws had ended and had gone away.

Feeding a wild animal from my hand was an unforgettable experience for me.

After climbing back to the ground level, I realized with even more smile that nutria had puppies, so from the immediate vicinity I watched for a while as the babies put a green grass in their mouth. This walk for me was the best of all day, for it was an unforgettable experience to feed a wild animal right out of my hand. But beware, it’s officially forbidden, because there’s a little overpowering there.

The Šimkovy sady, which is already a typical park and is located about one and a half kilometers from Jiráskovy sady, is worth visiting. Šimkovy sady dominates the beautiful lake with moles and bridges. At this time you will find small ducks of various kinds.