Punkva Caves

On Saturday, we planned a trip to The Punkva Caves with Eva’s sister, her boyfriend and their two friends. On Saturday morning, Eva’s mom finally joined us and we contacted her (and our) friend from South Moravia if he wants to come as well.

So we went to The Punkva Caves and because we had enough time, we tried to avoid highways to see something from the landscape.

Parking at The Punkva Caves

In The Punkva Caves there is a large car park for cars, but there is a fee of 50 CZK for parking one car.

Tickets must be booked in advance and picked up at least 40 minutes before the tour.


Tickets to The Punkva Caves must be booked in advance, so we called in the morning before arrival and reserved seats for 2pm and a complete tour (60 minutes, hiking + boating, 180 CZK per person). We picked up the tickets at the parking lot at the information center on arrival.

The way to the caves

The caves are about 2 km from the parking lot. It is possible to walk on foot on the sidewalk or to ride a cable car for 90 CZK bidirectionally or 70 CZK one way. The cable car takes about 2 minutes. We walked on foot and we stopped by the road from the Macocha (the upper bridge) and the lower (the lower bridge). The journey took us about 30 minutes from the parking lot to the entrance to the cave.

There is another information center near the caves and some information about history. Because we had time, we checked everything before we went through the caves.

The Punkva Caves tour

It is good to dress up before you enter the caves. The annual temperature is 8-10 °C with very high humidity. Waterproof footwear and clothing that can be dirty may also be appropriate.

Take warm clothes and waterproof footwear to The Punkva Caves.

The first part of the tour is a pedestrianized tour through the caves with stalactites. This part takes about 35 minutes. The second part is commented boat ride.

Photographing is only possible in the first part of the “dry” tour for an additional 40 CZK. On the boat’s water section, shooting is completely prohibited.

The tour ends with a boat trip at the dock. Then we met with our friend from South Moravia, who unfortunately did not get to the tour to follow us and we walked back to the parking lot. From there we went back to Olomouc for toasting.