Těšíkovská kyselka

Today we were only thinking about a short morning trip and after exploring the map around Olomouc we came across Těšíkovská kyselka to which I have never been.

Těšíkovská kyselka is located near the village Těšíkov, a village near Šternberk. Těšíkovská kyselka is a source of mineral water and since 1669 it is documented as natural water.

Parking at Těšíkovská kyselka

We parked our car on a field road near the river and the bus stop Těšíkovský mlýn.

Kyselka, according to both of us, has an unpleasant irony taste, so we did not even one of us like it. In the summer, however, it can be a good refreshment while cycling. After all, I definitely want to go out on a bike there because there are nice ways to ride a bicycle and the distance from Olomouc is still not extreme.