It was another weekend, and we were wondering where to go. We did not want to go too far and not give money to the entrance to castles, chateaus, and similarly unattractive attractions.

After a long search, I found a Petrified Lock at Spranek National Nature Reserve, sometimes also called the castle ruins of Branka or Špraněk. Earlier on the top of this cliff was the fortress of the Zeman genus with an entry from Branek, but its ruins was very difficult to find here.

Path to the castle ruins of Branka

GPS led us to the village Kadeřín, where we parked at the information board and then walked along the blue tourist sign towards the Petrified Chateau. The path led through the woods almost all the time down the hill, which I personally do not like so much because I do not like going back uphill 😀 Next I would rather choose the way from Javoříčko, which looks longer, but more interesting, because it goes around The Javoříčko Caves. In the vicinity of our path there were many rock formations with small caves in which, of course, no treasure hid.

Less than an hour later, we reached the top of the rock formation, from which it was nowhere to be seen. We rode there and head back to the car. In addition, nature began to wake up slowly and the first spring flowers were visible.