Rešov Waterfall

When we were thinking about what we were going to do today, there had two options – Rešov Waterfall or Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area. Rešov Waterfall – National Nature Reserves have won, because we have been significantly more times in Litovelské Pomoraví, and there is the best bike ride when it is nice, which was not much today.

Parking at Rešov Waterfall

So we went after lunch to Rešov. The last time we were at Rešov Waterfall was in the summer of 2011, so we did not remember exactly where to park our car, but we knew at least some points. Upon arrival, we thought the official parking lot was paid because we thought we had paid last time. However, we have found that parking is at least free of charge during this spring season.

Way to Rešov Waterfall

So we headed for the waterfalls along the red hiking trail. The first part from Rešov leads from a relatively steep and very long hill, so we were clear what awaits us when we go back.

For a trip to Rešov waterfalls, take quality shoes.

Ruins of the castle Rešov

Following the red hiking trail we reached the waterfalls and continued along the bank of the Huntava River towards the ruins of Rešov Castle, where Eva wanted to look because she has not been there yet.

The terrain around the waterfalls is quite challenging because you must climb over large stones, often very close to the water or when it is higher and directly across the water. It is therefore advisable to have quality shoes and to be prepared for it in general because it is a physically demanding trip in conjunction with the hill from the car park.

When we reached the place where the ruins of the castle Rešov should be located, we did not find anything. So we searched for the internet where it should be and how to get to it. We originally went down the green route, but we had to go back and continue on the red because there was a path to the ruins, according to information on the Internet. However, after the red we reached the edge of the National Nature Reserve and we did not find any path to the ruins.

So we made our own way through the forest. We jumped over the creek and climb to the ruins through a very steep slope. The ruins are not ruins of a castle, but just a rock. We went through the whole rock and went back down the path that we thought was the right one. However, this path ended only on the edge of a steep slope, so we had to scratch the slope between the trees down and then again jump over the creek.

Further, the way back went smoothly, only the final hill to the parking lot is really endless and very exhausting.

We were, however, quite surprised that, due to the early date and the bad weather, there were quite a few tourists.