Stuhleck Ski Resort

Stuhleck in Spital am Semmering, which thanks to its distance from the Moravian border is popular for winter sports enthusiasts, is not a good place for skiing during weekends. If you can still get beautiful weather, be sure to spend the whole day in the endless queues at turnstiles. As much as we did during our first and last visit. Sadly, the resort’s managers did not even manage to modify the slopes that were not prepared for the skiers.

Due to all the negative circumstances, we decided to try to sell ski passes and go home. At that point, we stood at the highest point of the Stuhleck Ski Resort, which offers the best of the whole area – a beautiful view of the surroundings or a romantically frozen cross.

I walked down to P3 parking lot in a very angry state, but I did not know yet that a rarity I had never encountered – the uphill downhill – was waiting for me. The best thing about this is that it is a very narrow slopes, and even when I tried to avoid walking on the slope, there was no space for me, because a number of skiers raced down the slopes at a very slow pace from one side to the other and I had to stop before the hill. At that moment, my cup of patience with this center overflowed, and if it was possible to get away from the point I was in at that moment, I would have done it.

When I finally got to the car, I was about to go out and pick up my friend who took the role of a trader. Skipass was sold in a few moments.

Parking in the Stuhleck Ski Resort

If you go to the resort, park at P3 parking lot, located close to the slopes and cash registers. All parking spaces are available free of charge. The price for the ski pass is €40.5 + deposit for the card. You must also count on the Austrian motorway token.

Who visited a typical Alpine resort, will be very disappointed at this visit, because Stuhleck’s size and facilities are far behind its Austrian competitors….

On our way back we stopped at Süd Shopping Center in Vösendorf, because we needed to visit one particular store. If you do not want to find the store for an hour, look where it really is before you go there, because this center is huge. And whoever suffers from xenophobia, do not come here at all, because we have not met Europeans here.

If you have time, you can still stop at the ruins of Staatzer Berg mit Ruine in Staatz. We did so because we were waiting for other members of our group who were chuckling at The thermal spa of Laa an der Thaya (Therme Laa).