Entrée Restaurant

Because I wanted to make Eva happy, for Valentine’s Day I booked a table in Entrée Restaurant in Hodolany in Olomouc.

When we were looking at the internet for prizes, we expected to be quite high, but it was not so bad that it was the most luxurious restaurant in Olomouc.

Upon arrival, our staff began to pay attention. They took our jackets, brought the chair to the purse, and settled us to our table. It was a great shock to us because we never experienced it.

Dinner in Entrée Restaurant

The menu for this evening was fixed – it was a Valentine’s menu, which had 8 runs and cost CZK 1,350 per person, which was a surprise for us because the prices of the regular menus were significantly lower 🙂 But what we do, we are here and we live just once, so let’s enjoy it at least 🙂

We were all shocked in the most positive sense, so the price did not even bother us.

The first they apologized to us because the sea snail was delivered in unsatisfactory quality, which would not be served to customers, so it was replaced by salmon and the price for the menu was reduced to CZK 1,270 per person.

The first they brought water in a glass bottle and pastry with homemade butter spread on a bark of a tree. But we were not sure if it was just an attachment to something or if we could eat it already. However, I started and tasted.

When the attendant arrived, Eva asked if she could not help us because we had no experience with such gastronomy. Of course, the service was very willing, pleasant and nice. It was obvious that they were professionals, and there were plenty of staff there, so they were able to pay their attention to customers, to explain everything to them, and it was not such a strolling, as we know from regular restaurants. The servicemen stood in different parts of the room and was paying maximum attention to customers and were doing their best.

Everything was always explained to us, we have had an interpretation of what we are doing, of what it is, how it is, etc. It was not just a meal, it was really a gastronomic experience with everything. And the food was really perfect and, of course, perfectly served. And when, for example, Eva went to the toilet and the attendant in the meantime brought another run, she asked if she should take it and wait for her to return. And when I said she was just going to the toilet and she should be back very soon and then so she can leave it here. When Eva returned, the attendant again came to ask if she should take it and bring us a new fresh hot meal, which is again a thing we have never experienced before.

Restaurant’s interior

The whole area is really beautiful and very luxuriously made. In the middle of the room there is an open kitchen where you can see a cook preparing your meal.

This whole evening was really an unforgettable experience with everything and we definitely recommend to visit this restaurant.