Hotel Resident, Harrachov

Finally, the time has come for a holiday. We spent it from 3 to 7 September in the luxurious Resident Hotel Complex in Harrachov. And I must say that this was the best classic holiday we have ever been. Stay was purchased through the discount portal and included a lot of activities – entry to the Grotta Spa with Turkish baths, thepidarium, salt saunas and cedar saunas, salt cave, massages and baths, pool entrances with hot tubs and classic saunas, and an enjoyable dinner.

Immediately after settling into the hotel room in the main building, we began planning the schedule of our wellness activities, because we had rightly assumed that everything would full be in a lucrative time.

Plan your wellness activities as soon as possible.

We planned to make excursions, walks and other extra-motel activities beautifully complementing wellness. In addition, we were lucky that we were alone in the salt cave and in the whirlpool, although it was accessible to more people at once. So it’s good to be able to plan well 😀

The greatest experience for us was the Grotta Spa, which was only recently opened and luxuriantly strolled every inch. It was in an underground of our building, so we could be there in the bathrobes.

Request accommodation in the main building, because everything important is there.

In these spas we have enjoyed excellent baths, massages and relaxation in saunas or relaxation rooms. Furthermore, Turkish baths, which for me were a completely new and enchanting experience. It was essentially a tiled round sauna, which was joined by several other small round rooms serving different purposes. But the main point was that we had a bowl of Moroccan clay and we were fighting all over the body. After fifteen minutes, we had to shower but we unfortunately deactivated it, so we did not get it, so we washed in the showers in the surrounding corners. I recommend this procedure because I had beautiful skin, so I purchased Moroccan clay for home use.

From the point of view of gastronomy it was also excellent. The hotel restaurant was also in our building 🙂 Breakfast was served in the form of Swedish tables, where there was something new and especially from local farmers, which I very much appreciate. For lunch we received packages that were very weak compared to other meals, but better than nothing. An afternoon dessert with coffee or tea was also included. At dinner we had a choice of two meals twice, the next evening pizza directly from the oven, and the last dinner was the most interesting – a mass fondue with several kinds of excellent dips. It was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed it very much because we massed our meat pieces in a prepared pot.

We have to praise the whole hotel staff, which was very pleasant and helpful.

The hotel is connected to the Harrachov Card, so you can ask for a card at the reception. Thanks to it, you get discounts on admissions to some places.

Ask for Harrachov Card.

Now I’m going to talk about activities around. Harrachov is located in Krkonoše National Park (KRNAP), so there are plenty of beautiful places. Harrachov itself had a very special impression on me and reminded me Alpine villages.

Mumlava Waterfall

Our first goal was Mumlava Waterfall, which is just 3 kilometers from the hotel, but it is necessary to pass through Harrachov. The road leads through the Anenské valley, where you can find a well called Spring of St. John Nepomuk, where is excellent water. The Mumlava waterfall is beautiful just like the whole Mumlava river. On our way back, we sat down on a cable car that took us to Čertova hora, from which we headed to Jan’s Rock. Then we went back down, down the cable car and started looking for a Bobsleigh Harrachov, because we bought the lift tickets associated with Bobsleigh runs. The track was near our hotel, and it was really worth it because it was riding in the trough and not on the pipes.

Desna dam

The next day we used the car and headed for the Souš Water Reservoir, which is the source of drinking water so it can not be reached. We continued to where the Desná Dam on the Bílá Desná River was formerly. Today, this site is referred to as Desna Dam. But the problem was to park Cecik (the name of our car), because there is no parking in the area, so we had to park on a forest road between the Souš and Smědava water reservoirs. If there were no more cars there, we would not park there, but we thought that it was not so dangerous. From our parking place to the dam it was 2.2 km. There is only one turret, which is the only one of the entire dam. But I liked the place very much.

Libverda Health Resort

Another stop was Libverda Health Resort, where there was not much to see, and we gave up the path to a single attraction because it was written on the sign that it was The giant barrel is located 500 m away, but it was actually up and down the hill and the road.


The next stop was Mount Ještěd, which broadcasts over Liberec with the television transmitter. Parking in the area is totally overpriced and equally inadequate. We parked Cecik (the name of our car) behind the former restaurant building on Jestedska Street 50. The front part was marked as P2 parking lot, but no one ever collected any money so we saved 150-200 CZK. To the top and back we took the cable car operated by Czech Railways. We looked up at the top and went down because it was cold outside. Ceikc had suddenly been fenced from all sides so I did not want to go, because I have claustrophobia from small spaces for driving 😀

Glass factory and brewery Novosad & son

Planning was worth it again, as we knew it will rain, so we set out for a tour through the local Glass factory and brewery Novosad & son. The excursion was excellent and it did not matter at all that it was a weekend, because the glass factory management also introduced weekend shifts just because of excursions because they are an important source of income. We also received a voucher for a drink at the brewery, but we did not use it.

On the way home we stopped in Spindleruv Mlyn, which we more or less passed. On the way there is the village Hořice, where you can buy traditional Hořické trubičky. We stopped at a factory where you must ring to open.