Dolní Vítkovice

Today’s trip was unscheduled and spontaneous. We went to Dolní Vítkovice.

The route that GPS led us was temporarily removed, so we had to go around all of Ostrava.

Day 1

Upon arrival, we found out that something was happening there. The whole area was fenced, so we went around. When we finally found the entrance, we asked what is happening. We found out that here is the biggest dance festival in Central Europe Beats for Love.

They let us go to the camp, but we could not find the information center for a long time. When we finally found it, they advised us to go to U6 and Science and Technology Center Ostrava, because the excursion would not make sense in this noise.

We were excited about the interactive exhibitions, so we plan to come again. At exhibitions, we tried a thousand things and we were tired. It is certainly not appropriate to go to both centers at one time. But the lady told us that we can buy a combined ticket for both of us and for each show to go on another day, which would be more reasonable, but not for us we are from Olomouc.

Day 2

For the excursion, we chose the Blast Furnace Tour (including the blast furnace extension) and the Coal Tour.

At the Coal Tour, the guide did not check our tickets at all. We ran the second circuit just after the first but with another guide.

Eva liked the Blast Furnace Tour, but I was not very excited because it was too high on me 🙂

Both circuits are highly recommended. You look into places where you do not normally come and listen to interpretations of how it worked before and so on.