Because it was beautiful today and we had no plans, we looked on a map and looked for what we could do where we could go for a trip. And Eva found Bradlo, which was totally unknown to me, so we started off.

Bradlo is a hill also called Moravský Blaník, which is also the highest point of the Úsov Highlands.

Olomouc was beautiful warmth, which made me a bit confused and I started just so easy in sneakers and shorts, which later turned out to be not a very happy idea 🙂

So we got to Lipinka, where we left our car, and walked along blue line to Bradlo, which is about 2 km away.

Even though it was still beautiful and warm outside, it slowly began to cool, but mostly snow and mud appeared in the field, so I was wet in the boots and Eva of course was kidding me 🙂

Keep in mind that some places are laid higher and may be cooler than in the city 🙂

Nevertheless, we reached the forest to Bradlo, climbed up the rocks, gazed at the view and set out on the way back to the car.