For Arch

When arriving by car, it is good to leave the car on a P+R where you will pay 20 CZK for the whole day of parking and then you can go by metro C (red) to the final station Letňany. Alternatively, you can use the P+R directly in Letňany, which is about 5 minutes walk from the exhibition center. Parking is possible even right next to the exhibition grounds, but this car park is usually full and paid for 150 CZK.

For Arch is International Building Trade Fair with a long history. At the trade fair you will find practically everything that has something to do with a construction. So if you plan to build something, it’s a good place to find inspiration and contacts. And since we plan to build a house, we also went to this trade fair.

In the morning we left from Olomouc at 7:30 and we went again through Hradec Králové. In Hradec Králove, we stopped at Futurum Shopping Center where we bought home magazines that usually include free tickets to these fairs.

The fair itself was really big, so we had something to do to get through it.

On the way back from the fair, we came across a closed road, so we were forced to go somewhere and came across The Gingerbread House. We stopped by and went to see what it was – it was a gingerbread museum. We bought the excellent Playboy Gingerbread and headed for Kunětická hora castle.

On the way from the castle to Olomouc we crossed a bridge which was only a few centimeters wider than our car, so we had to lower the mirrors when passing 🙂