Medieval Times

This afternoon we went to the Medieval Times to Schaumburg, Chicago.

Medieval Times, Inc. is a company with a long tradition. The first castle for these performances was opened in Spain in 1973. Currently, there are 9 castles open.

We were assigned to the green team and the crowns on their heads moved in the foyer. Part of the castle is a museum of various torture tools, which are really quite disgusting.

Then we went to the auditorium and sat down in the green section. We had kettles, plates and glasses on the table. I immediately tried to pour a glass of pots from the kettle, which, fortunately, failed. Because as we later found out, there was no drink in the jugs, but tomato soup 🙂

After that, our local friends joined us and began to rinse their dishes. It was clearly written that this should not be done. So the staff came in a costume and with a smile she told us that Martin (our friend) is a trouble maker 🙂

Now the show itself has begun with the output of a snow-white horse. On the table, they first served soup with garlic bread. And before we were able to eat it, they carried the second run in the form of a chicken without any attachment. And also without cutlery 🙂 We should have been eating like in ancient times, that is, by our hands. Then the attendant came again and brought a grilled rib and half of a large potato. Soon the operator brought dessert. During the meal, knights took place in front of us.

Our Green Knight was somewhat weak because he fell right in the first fight and we did not have anyone to cheer on.