St. Louis

To St. Louis we came just before a start of the Cardinals baseball match. Everywhere there were people with red flags and driving cars to their overpassed parking lot. According to the official website Louis parking during weekend and the holidays is for free in the center, and for a week they pay $1 per hour, but they now want $10 to $25.

After wandering around the city and looking for some reasonable parking, we decided to come to our hotel first. So I wrote O’Fallon to my GPS navigation, where we had booked accommodation, and set out on the road. After some time I wanted to specify the address directly to our accommodation, and then I found out that we were going to another O’Fallon on the opposite side 😀 We turned around and set off in the right direction.

Accommodation in Super8 was beautiful. The building is set in the middle of a spacious swimming pool with beautiful surroundings.

After that we went back to St. Louis. Even before the trip, we searched for parking on the Internet, but we found out that it was just as futile as the fact was different. We parked on the street in a strange part of town that fortunately immediately adjoined Downtown. So we went to Gateway Arch.

Entrance to the arch costs $10, but if you have the Annual Pass, you only pay $7 per person. But the whole city was dug out, so we had to go a long way around.

Beware of sold tourist attractions.

One entrance to the arch was completely closed, so we went to the other. However, we found out that it was sold out for a full day, but we arrived at 5 o’clock and they were open until 10 pm. So we went through at least part of the city center and drove back to the accommodation.