Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital and largest city of Utah. The city is nicknamed the “West Crossroads” because it is heading south to Las Vegas and then Los Angeles and west to Sacramento and then to San Francisco and east to Denver. In 2002, the Winter Olympics took place here.

City center is Temple Square and the Salt Lake Temple.

To the east of the city is Great Salt Lake, which smells strongly for rotten eggs.


We have booked our hotel in advance in North Temple Inn (also known as Howard Johnson Inn). Accommodation was nice for a reasonable price. The price included breakfast and entry to the hotel pool, which we appreciated on a hot summer day after a walk through the city.

Utah Olympic Park

Along the way to Salt Lake City, we took a look at Utah Olympic Park where some of the sports took place in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Utah Olympic Park is about 30 kilometers from Salt Lake City.

Deer Valley

From the Olympic Park, we went to Deer Valley, where skiing took place during the Olympics. There is also a memorial plaque on the grounds, which lists the winners of individual disciplines from the Olympic Games. Of course, Aleš Valenta, who won the gold medal in acrobatic skiing, was also there.

Deer Valley is about 40 kilometers from Salt Lake City.

Great Salt Lake

Because it was terribly hot, another stop was Great Salt Lake. But we did not know what was coming. All around was pile of salt and machinery and a deserted wasteland. We came to Great Salt Lake – State Park and paid $3 for the entrance. At that moment, it was already suspicious why nobody was around. The car park was virtually empty and there were almost no people around. We left all the things in the car and went looking around. We visited the Visitors Center and continued to look out on the lake and the shoreline. The smell was so strong that it was not possible to endure longer. The whole surface of the lake was littered with some small flies, and there were plenty of dead fishes and some birds on the shore. Really unpleasant experience and we do not recommend anyone to visit the lake, it is not worth it.

Great Salt Lake is not worth it. Only smell and dead animals are on the shores of the lake and you have to pay 3 dollars.

From the lake we quickly turned and went to our hotel to see the city.

Salt Lake City

We generally did not like the city. Although our hotel was located right in Downtown, there was nothing nice about it. On the way to Temple Square and Salt Lake Temple, we met a large number of homeless and beggars.

Not far from Temple Square is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Conference Center, which looks like a cascade garden and a small waterfall flows from its roof.

At the main road from Temple Square to our hotel, a beautiful stony stream with plants and trees flowed between the road and the pavement. From there we were returning to the hotel to relax in the pool.