Rocky Mountain National Park

After breakfast, we went to Rocky Mountain National Park. Rocky Mountain was still a short distance, about 200 km. Before we entered the park, we stayed at the Visitors Center to pick up the park map. At the entrance to the park, the lady asked us if the signature on the Annual Pass is the same as my passport (the only ID card in the US). Because I signed the Annual Pass at a very short position on the steering wheel, the signature looked completely different 🙂 Fortunately, the lady did not do much, just smiled and let us go.

Our first stop was at the place called Many Parks Curve, where we just looked at the mountains around and the ubiquitous cute rodent of the pike. Even at all other stops there was only a view of the mountains, no other interesting thing that was worth mentioning, we did not meet. We stopped at Rainbow Curve, Forest Canyon and Gore Range. The next stop was Poudre Lake, located in the valley. Another stop was Farview Curve.

Then we drove out of the park on his other side and drove past Grand Lake to the next Shadow Mountain Lake where we stopped in the picnic area Pine Beach, where the entrance was again paid (in an unattended machine), but our Annual Pass was accepted again.

Then we went back the same way.