Pacific Coast

From San Francisco to Los Angeles, we chose the Pacific Coast instead of the highway recommended by GPS navigation. The highway would have been faster, but the winding paths are certainly much more interesting.

We spent the night in Monterey at the motel Super8, which we recommend by the way. From Monterey, we set out again on the coast to the first sight of the McWay Falls, which was right by the road, so we did not have to go anywhere from the planned route.

At McWay Falls they wanted $10.

The waterfall itself was really beautiful. The whole place was really amazing. Under the waterfall was a small beach, which illustrated the “intimate” atmosphere. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get down to the beach, which might have been nice, because the beach seemed untouched.

Another stop was the beach about 7 miles from San Simeon, where was an incredible amount of elephant seals. Most of them were lying on the shore half-buried in the sand, others fighting in the water.

Another goal of our trip was Malibu, where we stopped at the shops and headed for the coast. Most beaches are fenced here, so direct free entry is not possible. At the entrance of the beach we reached was a machine that required $12 per person for entry. The beach was very ugly, full of seaweed, and there was nothing interesting to see anywhere. Only after that we found out that this is one of the most popular surfers Malibu Lagoon.

Then we went on our way to Los Angeles. Along the way, we traveled through the much more beautiful parts of Malibu, which were enriched with luxurious villas with private access to beautiful beaches.

We had accommodation in Azusa, which is some marginal part of Los Angeles. The way through Los Angeles turned out to be longer than we originally expected, and we were stuck in two car accidents. We arrived to the hotel very tired. After unpacking the first part of things and returning for the second part we could not get into the room. So I went to the reception desk to find out what the problem was, and the lady told me we should have another room number. We did not understand how the card was originally allowed us to go to room 205.